Friday, January 31, 2014


This afternoon I received a strange phone call as I was heading to work from the bank.  A guy on the other end tells me he's knocking on my apartment door (which I moved from a year ago.)  When I ask why he's trying to find me he says I don't know him but he has something for me.  I felt a combination of both being intrigued and creeped out by a stranger tracking me down with these vague motives.  He went on to say, "I hear you have a painting missing. Well, my buddy took it but didn't have the balls to give it back so I'm bringing it for him."  Needless to say, I was over the moon at this news!

The day after the opening reception for my current solo exhibit SOLUBLE HEROES, one of my favorite paintings took a walk from The Coup during a concert.  For the past month, over 100 folks have shared around a Reward Offer on Facebook for me in an attempt to track down my stolen artwork, "Imperial Octopus."  Thanks to everyone who spread the word and helped bring this mysterious art heist to a conclusion.  All your collective energies really came through with the Universe!  It was a good story with apparently a lot of alcohol involved.  I told the guy to thank his friend for doing the right thing and I took it as the highest form of flattery!  No questions asked; no hard feeling- I'm just delighted to have my painting come home!


  1. This first time I had work stolen I took it as flattery. The third or fourth time it wasn't so flattering. You know... I may have stepped out the art game for a while but I still feel that my opinions on this are relevant. It really annoys me that your piece of work got stolen at all. That place doesn't hang work correctly half the time and they just don't care (or act like) they care that art is shown there in the first place. A real lack of enthusiasm or respect in general for visual artists. From what I know of, there are not a lot of options for artists to hang work. So... artists take risks that they normally wouldn't take just to get exposure. I think that you should really take caution in the future in regards to venue choices. The crowd these days is very vapid and unresponsive to art in Clarksville. Artists should have shows at their apartments or houses instead of pandering to venues that only want art on their walks to look cool rather than become a figurehead and standard for the viewing of art. Glad you got it back btw. I raged on a couple people's FB pages about the situation. We are adults. Time to get away from these stupid hipster kids with bad taste and start a sort of local underground art party collective. Invite only type of stuff. You know.. go to a buddies house.. hang some art on their living room wall and have a party. Party is over and nothing gets stolen.

  2. Why so serious


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