Thursday, January 2, 2014

SOLUBLE HEROES Opening Reception

My solo exhibit SOLUBLE HEROES opened tonight at The Coup (118 University Ave) during Clarksville's Downtown Art Crawl.  I had a good bit of fun hanging out with the folks at their new venue as well as the artists and friends who dropped by.  This body of work fused the painting from two one-night exhibits in 2012 and 2013- My Hero / My Villain and Soluble Fish.  If you didn't get the opportunity to see either in person, you can get it ALL at this new show!  The exhibit will be on display the entire month of January and during TOUR of WURDZ on Saturday, January 11th where I'll be painting LIVE!  Here are some pics from this evening's reception...

Van full of art I delivered to the venue and hung on New Year's Day!

Nice shot of the painting, "Soluble Fish"

Chad Spann Perplexed

"Swordfish Seppuku" (My Crowd Pleaser)

Wolf Baby can fly!

Miranda and I clowning w/ "Transformation of the Incredible Hulk"

The Coup Stage

How young is "too young to facebook?"

Joe Melanson

Miranda and Aurora

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