Monday, April 21, 2014

4/20 TOUR of WURDZ

Sinner and Saint alike gathered together last night at The Coup here in Clarksville for a special and intimate Easter Sunday / 4/20 Edition of TOUR of WURDZ!  I was more than happy to get back out in public for my first live painting in a very long time with Wolfman Bennett and Mike McKelvey.  We saw a few new faces and some spontaneous collaborations on stage for the most open Open-Mic on God's Green Earth!  Here's a few candid moments from the holiday extravaganza...

Acrylics and Spray Paint on Canvas / Wolfman Bennett, Brandt Hardin and Mike McKelvey
Gikuyu  free-styling on the Open Mic with Zach 

Live Painting ensuing...

Damon and Wendy

Chad Spann

Aurora with her newfound love of Peach Beer

Damon on the Mic

Gikuyu swooning the camera for Kristen who got a slew of great pics for us.

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