Sunday, August 10, 2014

Falling In Love All Over Again at Fall Creek Falls

My wife Aurora and I spent our 5th Wedding Anniversary in one of Tennessee's most breathtaking parks, Fall Creek Falls over the weekend.  We had a lakeside hotel room with a pleasant view and gave up plenty of sweat to the trails, hills and steps leading to their variety of water falls and scenic spots.  I love soaking up the nature since I live in the city now after growing up in such a rural area.  It was a much-needed and refreshing getaway.  Gazing out of the overlooks at the blue mists of the hills and the bottoms of waterfalls really gives you magnificent insight and perspective.  It's hard to take bad pictures of such enchanting sights but you do lose much of the depth perspective considering the misty atmosphere from the scattered showers all weekend.  Enjoy these postcard-worthy shots we got from the few hundred pictures collected over the weekend!

Here are also a few pictures from Rock Island State Park and the surrounding area while we were in the area...

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