Sunday, September 14, 2014

KICKSTART THIS: Works and Days by Miranda Herrick!

Selections from Works and Days
I need your help over the next week folks.  You see, I really really really need a copy of Miranda Herrick's Works and Days book!  I've already reserved mine at KickStarter but you have to help out in order to make everyone's dream a reality.  Miranda is almost at her goal of raising enough money to publish her collection of 365 daily drawings.  Each illustration is a daily meditation- a journalistic mandala documenting the entire year of 2007 and moving through the entire color spectrum month by month.  As an owner of originals from her series, I've dreamed right along with the artist about the reality of making a book which encompasses this body of work.  This will be a reality with your help!  CLICK on over to KickStarter and pledge a reservation for your copy of Works and Days (among many other cool incentives!)

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