Tuesday, September 30, 2014

THANOS Sketch Variant

So I'm falling in love all over again with illustration the past few weeks as I've worked on a handful of blank Sketch Variant comic books I picked up.  The wonderment of childhood really does fill my time at the drawing table creating custom covers for these.  Thanos was one of the subjects at the top of the list when mulling over what to lay down on these covers.  This first batch were all Marvel titles and Thanos is really one of the ultimate baddies around that neck of the woods.

My idea turned out to be a pretty involved illustration.  With a mesh of visionary and surrealism, I wove a field of eyes into the space background.  The colors of the eyes match the Infinity Stones of the Gauntlet our villain wields.  The Infinity Gauntlet story line documenting the Mad Titan himself is one of my all-time favorite arcs.  I really had a gas capturing him not only on paper- but on my own custom cover of The Heroic Age New Avengers #1!!!

Lots of you guys like to see how he magic happens.  Here are some process pics from the DREGstudios Instagram! 

Initial Sketch

Initial Line Work in Progress

Finished Line Work

Blacked Out Background

Infant Stages of the Coloring

Final Linework

Finishing Touches

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