Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wolverine and Secret Invasion SKETCH COVERS

Several months back I scored a pack of 10 random Marvel Sketch Covers off of eBay.  After collecting a bit of dust, I wiped them off the past couple of weeks and braved laying some markers down on a couple.  They turned out very trippy and I learned a lot from working on the surface which was a bit foreign at first.  My markers didn't lay down like they do on my trusty bristol board but I've quickly grown smitten with the covers.  Keep an eye out for more as I'll surely be back on another one of them sooner than later! 

Marvel along with many other comic companies create limited runs of certain comics with blank Variant covers for artists to draw their own versions of their characters on.  It's a very cool thing to see an industry support creativity and give a wide spectrum of artists the chance to "live the dream" by putting their art on the cover!  Here are some process pictures from my versions of Secret Invasion #1 and Wolverine #1...

Wolverine Initial Sketch

Wolverine Line Work in Progress

Wolverine Finished Line Work

Wolverine Undercoloring

Wolverine Final Line Work in Progress

Wolverine #1 Sketch Variant FINISHED!

Secret Invasion Skrull Initial Sketch

Secret Invasion Skrull Colors

Secret Invasion Skrull Finished Colors

Secret Invasion Skrull Final Line Work


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