Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GALACTUS Sketch Variant

Monday evening I finished up this Galactus sketch cover I had worked on all weekend. Along with the Thanos cover I shared with you yesterday, it made for a productive few evenings in the home studio!  Just as I've gushed with the other few covers I've shared so far, this guy was a gas to capture in my style.  Galactus is a world-eating omnipotent villain who has terrorized galaxies across the Marvel Universe for over forty years.  I aimed to stay true to the original Galactus design rooting back to his first appearances.  Of course, as is the case with even comic industry artists, I stylized the character to my fitting.

Enjoy this dose of pop surrealism! I've got many more to come as my addiction has grown and I expect another lot of 10 blank sketch covers in the mail tomorrow.  This group includes Hulk, Deadpool, X-Men and even some DC and Image lines like Superman / Batman and The Walking Dead!

Here are some process pictures of the inception of Galactus here at DREGstudios!  Images courtesy of the DS Instagram!

Initial Sketch

Initial Linework

Infant Colors

Laying down the Pink

Jet Black on Black... sexy

Final Linework

Finishing Touches!

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