Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunset on Center Hill Lake

I believe the sunset Aurora and I witnessed Sunday evening was one of the most breathtaking of my life.  We watched the palette of burning pinks and oranges change and radiate before our eyes from the middle of Center Hill Lake here in Tennessee.  The co-owner of the company I work for, Eric had an employee outing for a Fall Cruise of the lake on his houseboat, "Out of Office."  We had a brilliant time laughing and having a bit of fellowship with the great family of folks we work with day in and day out.  Eric and his main squeeze, Linda were all too hospitable to us all throughout the day.  After the gaunt gloom of the past couple of weeks, the fresh air and amazing scenery was much needed.  It couldn't have been planned for a nicer day.  I hope you these postcard-worthy shots Aurora and I took of the lake, a double rainbow surreally spotted directly overhead of us and of course the amazing sunset...

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