Friday, October 17, 2014

SUPERMAN Sketch Variant

This week I spent a few days working this blank sketch variant cover of an issue of Superman Unchained!  I hope you guys are enjoying these covers as much as I am.  I've purchased twenty in all and the Kryptonian alien himself makes 8 down.  As I told an old friend this week, each one is like living out a childhood dream- too cool!

An issue of Superman was actually the first comic book which ever came into my possession as a child.  I got into comics at about age 11 when Superman had just been killed off and subsequently came back a year or so later to the world of DC Comics.  As an introduction to relaunching each Superman line, there was a different "Superman" helming each of the four titles.  Who was the real Superman?  I love a mystery and I was hooked! Of course none of them were and then the real Supes came back with a mullet which is pretty much where they lost me.  Plus, Superman is a cheater.... comic geek debate in the comments below?

Here are some process pictures of how my Visionary Superman came to be courtesy of the DREGstudios! Instagram...

Initial Linework

Laser Eyes!

Initial layers of colors

Nearly finished color

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