Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vote NO on Amendment 1 to Protect Women's Rights

Tennesseans must soon decide how much freedom should be allotted to women in making choices about their own reproductive health.  On Election Day, there are 4 Constitutional Amendments being proposed on the State Ballot.  The 1st Amendment to the State Constitution involves the issue of abortion.  In a nutshell, the amendment would give state lawmakers the authority to pass legislation beyond those defined by the Federal Government in regards to abortion.  This would open the door for women's access to safe and confidential procedures to be limited (if not eliminated) by over-legislation. Unfortunately, this has already been the case for women in other parts of the deep south.  Today, many women in bordering states are forced to seek abortions in Tennessee to even have one done legally.  This is an issue which should be put to rest as women have the fundamental right to make decisions about whether or not to bare a child (with the consultation of a doctor, not a politician.)  
Middle Tennessee State University has released a Poll stating its too close to call which way the vote will go on Amendment 1.  I can't help but point out the absurdity of even considering amending our State Constitution in any regard though. For instance, when asked why it Interracial Marriage is still defined as illegal in the TN State Constitution, lawmakers cite how laborious and complicated it would be to amend it.  However, when it comes to a polarizing political issue such as this, those steps are taken swiftly in such a power-grab.  In total, there are four Amendments proposed this coming Election Day.  I hope you are registered to vote and implore you to research all four and consider their importance.

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