Friday, December 5, 2014

PIG'S HEAD SOUP (The Outrage of Justifiable Homicide)

Much of the general public here in the United States is in a reactionary mode rooting from the continuous and seemingly warranted executions of minorities by Police Officers.  How do we deal with the outrage caused by these high-profile deaths?  How do we bring attention to the issue of addressing racism and fanaticism within our broken and misused Justice System?  From the extreme of looting and burning to the targeted peaceful protests which shut down the traffic of major cities, citizens are crying for help.  We are crying for help because the people who are supposed to protect us are at war with us.  They are armed with military-grade equipment and shielded by their job title from prosecution when they break the very laws they are employed to enforce.

From Ferguson to Long Island to Cleveland to the low-income corner of your city where minorities are segregated, people are gunned down by Police on a regular basis.  While a portion of the public and officials make excuses claiming these deaths are tragic isolated incidences, they continue without repercussion.  The truly troubling part of this is we don't even know how many citizens are executed without charge or trial by the Police each year.  According to the FBI, there were 461 "justifiable homicides" by Police in 2013.  However, law enforcement agencies aren't even required to report this information.  By compiling local news reports, journalists have estimated a number closer to 1,000 deaths per year at the hands of "Peace" Officers.  That's nearly 3 people per day in our country who lose their lives for being suspected of breaking the law- hardly isolated incidences and more of a disturbing trend.  Some were walking in the street, some were selling cigarettes and some were playing with toy guns- none were give a trial, none were given a benefit of the doubt.  All were justifiably murdered by an executioner with a badge to hide behind.

When surveyed, 49% of Police feel "the only way a criminal would receive any punishment was to punish the individual him/her self."  One bad apple ruining the bunch?  No, the entire diseased culture ruins the entire bunch.  As we hear the cries of "not all cops are bad," chew on a few more statistics...  61% of Police surveyed admitted to not reporting abuses of authority by their fellow officers.  67% admitted they would be given the cold should by their department for reporting these offenses.  An astounding 84% admit to witnessing more force than necessary being used to make an arrest.  Turning a blind eye is guilt by association.  Everyday citizens are subject to charges of being an accomplice for not reporting a crime.  By that rationale, 84% of Police are criminals.

To the folks who will still question police misconduct as justified:  If you don't believe the countless videos, if you don't believe the countless statistics, if you don't believe cops' own admissions, if you don't believe the United Nations condemning police brutality in our country, then WHAT THE HELL WILL YOU BELIEVE?  Nearly three U.S. citizens a day are gunned down by the people enlisted and employed to protect them.  Just hope you're not next... belief often comes too late.



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