Sunday, May 1, 2016

MAY DAY: Celebrating Workers' Rights

Today is International Workers' Day and I wanted to celebrate those who have fought for workers' rights by creating an illustration to honor the international workforce.

Inks on Bristol Board / 2016 / Brandt Hardin

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Murph's COOKIN' Single Artwork

Last weekend at the Rivers and Spires Festival I met a ton of cool folks who I spoke with about my artwork.  The day following the event, I got hooked up with Murph (a local hip hopper) whose producer had dropped by the DREGstudios tent.  We kicked around an idea for some artwork to accompany his single release this past week for his track, COOKIN'.  Here's a look at the cover and the track! Make sure to give him a share from YouTube below...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HAPPY HOLIDAZE! 4/20 Stone Art

"Fruit of the Earth" (Colored Pencils on Paper / 1999)
Today is everyone's favorite counter culture holiday! To celebrate (aside from the rather obvious rituals), I'm sharing some stoner art I've created over the years which all feature the plant of the day: cannabis.  My own history with the sweet leaf and its influence on my art roots back to my teenage years.  In an effort to account for my experiences with experimentation, I would often write or draw while under the influence.  Pot has helped expand my consciousness to the possibilities of the Universe as well as serving as a destressing agent at the end of my evening.  Hope all my friends, family, audience and tribe have a safe and insightful day!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Two Mikes

My buddy Mike took advantage of my April Portrait Sale to get some personal treasures created featuring himself.  I've known Mike for a very long time and we set out to capture his essence and wit in these custom illustrations. I hope everyone in the family agrees they are a solid representation of him.  I had a lot of fun (and uncontrollable giggles) drawing these out.  The first commission is Mike's raised eyebrow in space.  I feel like the portrait made him larger than life and I almost see him as a sort of Galactus who is set out to devour entire planets. The second portrait is Mike in his favorite pink robe.  For this one, he wanted the background to represent the internet so we went with some blue circuitry.  I was slightly apprehensive about this element but very please once I had the light blue line work put in.  Thanks for the projects Mike!