Friday, April 10, 2015

Random Monsters SUNDAY NIGHT!

This Sunday Night, please come out and see Random Monsters: The Artwork of Brooke E.  I met Brooke several years ago at a live painting event down in Murfreesboro.  She's an extremely talented gal and we've swapped some artwork over the years.  These treasures from my own person art collection will be on display along with many of her other works.  Her lowbrow paintings fuse a classic animation style to create her own brand of pop surrealism.  Come out and see for yourself and support her this Sunday evening from 5PM-10PM at The Darkhorse Theater in Nashville!


For the last decade, since first moving to Nashville, 33-year old artist and illustrator Brooke E. has been a part of the local Pop-Surrealist and Lowbrow scene. Since November of 2013 she has bravely been fighting Stage 4 breast cancer. Treatments were going well, until one day they weren't. That said, rather than prematurely mourn her, please join us in celebrating Brooke's Art Life with her at her first solo show. Featuring selected works spanning her career, live music, and first, second, and third prize awards for best costumes, as well as Pinatas and food, this should prove to be an amazing carnival of fun to celebrate Brooke's life and art. Lastly, her only rule is "No Tears!."

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Preview of "Into the Rabbit Hole" FRIDAY Night!

The past couple of weeks I've been working on a very complicated drawing (my fingers hurt to type) for the Into the Rabbit Hole art exhibit in East Nashville.  The show is one night only this Friday featuring live performances and art from local artists.  Everything is Alice in Wonderland themed and you can even win some cool prizes for dressing up as your favorite character from the book or cartoon!  Everything kicks off around 7PM at The East Room in Nashville.

For my artwork, I wanted to create my own homage to Lewis Carroll's famous work.  Much of the character designs I used was a fusion of the book, cartoon and my own wild imagination.  Enjoy these teases but you'll have to come to the show Friday to see the complete work!  Here are some process pictures of the entire process over the past couple of weeks from the sketch to the finished colors...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

WIN FREE ART this WEEKEND from DREGstudios!

You can win a print of my "Zombie High 5" painting this weekend on the DREGstudios! Instagram!

HOW TO WIN:  Simply share this image to your Instagram followers and mention @DREGstudios along with the hashtag #zombiehigh5.  I'll pick five winners Sunday night and mention you on Instagram so you know to email me your shipping info.  It's that easy!  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Zopocalypse

Recently, I was commissioned by Revolution Zo to work up some new album art for the music he was dropping this week.  He sent me some pictures of himself and explained how he wanted to be in a sort of futuristic robo-armor-jacket with some apocalyptic end-of-the-world art.  Sounded right up my alley!  After some discussion, we decided to go with some sleek futuristic armor (nothing weaponized or too much like Iron Man or the sorts.)  I wanted to create something completely original to fit the hip-hopper's tone.  Here's a look at the finished product along with some process pictures.