The Artwork of Brandt Hardin...

  Brandt Hardin is a Pop Surrealist illustrator and designer living and working out of Clarksville, TN.  Brandt’s colorful creations are inspired by pop culture, surrealist art, comics, and alternative culture.  His works have appeared in hundreds of galleries, festivals, and publications world-wide including The Detroit Dirty Show, Hive Gallery of Los Angeles, and Youngblood Gallery of Atlanta.   The artist has worked with many musicians, companies, galleries, and groups creating custom artwork and illustrations including Disney of Hong Kong and The Rivers and Spires Festival locally.

Contact Brandt about his art by dropping a line to dregstudios@gmail.com

Photo by Chad Spann

ReMasters of the Universe Exhibit at Blackbird Tattoo and Gallery in Nashville

Live Painting at Riverfest 2011

"Cyborg Steve Jobs vs. Cyborg Bill Gates" for VERSUS at MIR Gallery in Nashville

Artist's Statement

    I am a predominantly self-taught, outsider artist living and working out of Clarksville, TN.  I studied art at the University level for one year, over ten years ago.  My main motivation as an artist is to create a paradigm shift in audience's imagination and take them somewhere they never expected to go.  If I were to subscribe to any modern art movement, it would be Pop Surrealism.  I want my audience to take something with them, whether it is a new perspective, a laugh, a shudder, or a gasp.  Art is an open door for the creator and should open doors from its stage.
Art is for you, the viewer, the constant audience. I hope your journey through my visions is thought-provoking; for you decide what all this madness truly means. You see it for what it is. All I can see is lines and colors... for I simply arrange them. But you, lucky you, can ride them out and soak them up with fresh eyes!

All that has been made before me is inspiration. Nature and kinship are inspiration. Life is inspiration.

We are art and art is our bodies' true voice...not limited to language or movement. Art is our tangible declaration of existence. Art is our right and I would be nothing without it. I would also be nothing without you, the viewer. We are fortunate to live in a world with freedom of thought and boundaries, a world with room enough for our minds to wander. I join you in our journey to make our mark and express ourselves one stroke, word, beat, and movement at a time. Thank you ahead of time for dancing with me...


"Inspired by comic art and surrealism, [Brandt's] faces of the dead are interwoven with the gruesome details of their demise, and yet the bright colors and exaggerated features leave the impression of childlike wonder in the eyes of the Devil."   
-Joebot, Rock Star Martyr
Working on my Day of the Dead Coffin for Youngblood Gallery in Atlanta

"Art provokes thought, seeks to find answers and brings light where there was darkness. What you take away from Brandt Hardin's art is something all your own - the experience will be as unique as you. But rest assured - you will take something away with you. That much is certain."  
-Illustration Pages

Mural at The Rivers Edge Night Club

"Every once in a while, a writer or visual artist comes along who throws the door open to a dizzying array of ideas that makes the audience stand back in awe before diving in."  
-Holy Kaw!

My tools of the trade for my bread and butter- Illustration

His artwork is like drunk cotton candy - buzzy and delicious!
-Erin Crissey

Painting Live at No Egrets / November 2011 / Here a video of the process...

"I swear man everytime I see your art I want to slap it on a bottle of my custom 'rectum removing' hot sauce and sell it to the world."  - Mandy Ballenger Waddell
 (Photo by Ash Burress)

Here's a couple of live paintings I worked on live in New Orleans July 2011...

Promises to myself...