Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vote Teapot PASS IT!

The fever is sweeping the nation as all 50 of our great United States now have their own branches of The Teapot Party!
And why? Well, 'cause Willie said so!

People are volunteering and lending their time and opinions to let the government know the public wants and needs decriminalization of marijuana and drug reform laws.  Sparked by a recent bust of Country legend, Willie Nelson, the movement is in full swing!  Many free-thinking societies across the globe have never placed a prohibition on this natural plant which contains many medicinal qualities, both mentally and physically.

Local organizers and Teapot Party members:  Drop a line to  dregstudios@gmail.com with your information and which branch you represent so I can email you a print-ready file for use at your rallies and events!

Be informed, know your rights and get involved...

The Top Ten Reasons Marijuana Should Be Legal  

The Vaults of Erowid:  Cannabis   

Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics 

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)


  1. Perfection.

  2. Marijuana has literally saved my life over the last six months. It is a wonder herb, as I am currently treating 3 different ailment with it to great success, my quality of life has never been so good in my adult life. Thank you for doing your part in ending the madness that is marijuana prohibition.

  3. Unique style keep it up!!! An interesting mash up between personalities and beliefs would be Willie Nelson and Ted Nugent----kinda like Dems and Repubs----

  4. Thanks everyone for your encouraging compliments. Saved Anonymous- if only everyone did their little part and lent their voices, the madness of our prohibition would end and fall in line with the sanity of the rest of the free world. Hopefully we'll see it in our lifetimes.

  5. "Far Out! America, land of the free where they watch you pee! We can eather have a drug free america or a Free America we can't have both!

  6. People are volunteering and lending there time and opinions to let the government know the public wants and needs decriminalization of marijuana and drug reform laws.


    great art btw man :)

  7. They won't pass anything unless they figure out how to get their cut. They'll end up taxing the hell out of it eventually.

  8. Thanks for the comments and compliments guys!

    Yes, they'll tax the hell out of the companies producing it... they are already starting to in some places with the dispensaries. We SHOULD tax legal marijuana. Tobacco companies are already beginning to invest in certain areas and preparing to produce it. Those tax dollars could give a must needed injection of adrenaline into our country, especially in places like California.

    Marijuana reform is possible and our economy needs it!

  9. @ Brandt: the "Pass it" poster is well done, the "pass' pun properly punishing etc., but there is a Problem: you and I know that thing in the picture is a joint but it also looks like a nicotine genocide $igarette. 80% of the adult voter population in this country is non-$igarette smoking and most of them hate $igarettes (rightly so). Joints burn too hot, too fast, too much cannabinoid gets destroyed (read up on combustion, pyrolysis) before it has a chance to exvaporize, and an overdose of heat shock and carbon monoxide is delivered instead. Because of the stupid image created by joints, the ditto-heads think cannabis users are as bad as nicotine addicts, and the tobacco industry has its right wing talk show shills loudly claiming we are worse.

    The three-way solution (to get our herb graded "harmless" and legalized) is:

    1. Vaporizers-- there are now many brands in $200 range-- the amount of money a pack-a-day $igarette addict in New York blows away in 20 days.

    2. A cannabinoid e-cigarette (vaporizes from a liquid "tincture"): one brand, "Vapor Rush", was announced in Los Angeles in June 2010, available so far only in certain local dispensaries. (For nostalgia fams, they can be made to look like a spliff, blunt etc).

    3. One-hitter-- any cheap little pipe with a screened crater small enough to contain 25-mg. single servings of PREVIOUSLY SIFTED herb can function as a DIY Vaporizer!! In operation, the equal-sized sifted herb particles vaporize out cannabinoid readily; the screen prevents drawing particles down into the pipe channel. You hold a light with the top of the flame an inch or more below the opening and Suck Slow Several Seconds; temperature of air entering upon the herb is to be kept at about 385-F. Aim to turn the herb DARK (meaning dried out from removal of the vapors) before letting it start to glow.

    To learn to make one-hitters, among first of billions needed worldwide, see http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Smoke-Pipes-From-Everyday-Objects and related articles on screens and sifting.

    Converting to Vaporization technology REDUCES "consumption" (i.e. $$ waste) and will impress the ignorant masses that cannabis users are rational and trustworthy.

    So here's a poster job for Brandt to do: imagine two lovers-- or just partners-- sucking at twin long flexible drawtubes emanating from a Double Toker (One-Hitter for Two). Make sure someone's hand and lighter are accurately drawn, with the top of the flame just an inch or so below the utensil opening (see text, above).

    If this poster ushers in the Vapor Age, you'll get a Knowable Piece Prize and the poster will go on a postage stamp; Wilsonian-looking Keith Stroup (NORML) will be elected President; we'll all have highest quality one-toke herb for $5 an Ounce (900 tokes after sifting out tea-makings and seeds).

  10. Thanks for dropping by my post at Bizmology.com. The movement to legalize marijuana is interesting to watch. For such a long time supporters have been discounted as just a bunch of stoners... but numbers don't lie. With the power of social networking now, people (from all walks of life) can organize to support a cause.
    Businesses follow trends and are always on the look out to make money off something new. As more states legalize marijuana, more legitimate companies will move in to serve the needs of pot smokers/consumers.

  11. Thanks for the comment Laura, you're spot on girl.

  12. Please check out my blog "Davesnot Here"
    My thoughts on Marijuana in America. The so-called "war on drugs" is an absolute failure; Americans must demand the immediate reallocation of funds away from the unconstitutional persecution and harassment of marijuana smokers (American citizens) and a refocusing on the real drugs that are having a detrimental effect on society.

  13. If you and your crowd would spend as much energy on working meaningful jobs, aiding society, and electing competent realistic leadership for the Congress and Nation as you do worrying about getting stoned and stupid, the nation might have an upcoming generation with some character and value...otherwise, who cares what you do in your mother's basement dwelling drawing pictures and posting the internet?

    1. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

      The above is an age old, empty, meaningless comment... Since before the 60's people have been saying the same thing about Cannabis (Marijuana)and the havoc it does to upcoming generations. The empty claim that Cannabis users are not doing meaningful work, or aiding society are unfounded(Think Steve Jobs and many others you might know). Finding competent leadership for our country is a search for someone that fully supports the constitution and civil liberties (Cannabis possession and personal use is a civil liberty)in concert with keeping our country safe from invaders and disasters. There are no valid candidates today because of narrow minded politically charged viewpoints like the above commenter has. This misguided mentality has cost us trillions of tax dollars and affected millions of lives and families. We have shown these people over time that we are not what they think we are yet they continue to spout the same tired rhetoric. Lazy people are lazy people stoned or not. Don't blame everyone in a group because you've identified a few within the group.

  14. Bitter Anonymous, I work 50 hours per week as a Marketing Director for a water treatment company, making them the #1 distributor in their size category world-wide three years in a row. In my free time I am an artist and politically active member of my community. I have curated political art events with voter registration drives featuring speakers running for state office and have personally voted in every election since turning the legal age to vote. I don't worry about getting "stoned and stupid"... there's nothing to worry about. Many artists, musicians, scientists, philosophers, and yes, politically-minded people have expanded their consciousness with Marijuana, the safest and most useful drug we have at our disposal. It sounds to me like you need to relax (and maybe even spark one up sometime.)

    "If you don't like my fire,
    Then don't come around.
    'Cause I'm gonna burn one down."

    -Ben Harper

  15. Love it! Please friend me on Facebook. I want to get people organized in PA.

  16. The major tobacco companies had marketing plans for marijuana in the early 1970s! So obviously they are ready to 'roll' as soon as the coin drops.

  17. AnonymousMay 07, 2011

    Nice pic I am pretty active in the repeal of prohibition of marijuana,and have not heard of the teapot thing.I will check it out.People need to think tho we dont need it legalized.We need the govt to repeal the prohibition of marijuana.If it is just legalized then there is still govt control over your use and life.I would like to see it legalized but only if there is no constraints on my liberty or life to do so.
    Gary Johnson for president,he would be in our corner about marijuana.He is pro for pot.I just want to be able to grow my own,I dont want to have to smoke what the govt says I can,if I want to smoke super lemon haze or super skunk or power kush I should be able to choose which,not have the govt tell what I can consume or put into my body.
    But back to the teapot party thanx for the tip.and again nice job on the poster pic.

  18. dster420May 10, 2011

    I think I love you...... LOL

  19. I can't vote, but if I could I would be a member of the teapot party!

  20. You don't HAVE to vote, speaking your honest mind is POWERFUL! Lend your voice to any cause you feel just.

  21. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    It's the nay-sayers that are the problem; the ones who firmly believe that pot leads to other, more addictive and harmful drugs. I'm turning 60 in August and for nearly 43 years, pot has been my only choice, my cocktail/ night-cap so to speak - never tried or wanted to try anything else. Don't want anything up my nose or in my veins, just something to toke. I personally believe it should be available to consenting adults, but lets begin with congress. Who knows, perhaps they'd finally get some real work done!

  22. All Natural Anonymous,

    Thanks for the great comment... I couldn't agree more! We are definitely on the same page.

  23. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.
    Link up with them.

    These are ex-cops, DEA, FBI, judges who want all drugs legalized to take the profit motive out of them and end the killing in Mexico, et al.

  24. I really hope they legalize it in america then the rest of the world can follow :)

  25. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    Hopefully all you dope smoking hippie morons take a hit of some bad weed and it will speed up your Alzheimer, if your not there yet maybe the vegetative state will come real soon

    1. Actually, the scientific studies show that marijuana protects the cells in the brain, and they are finding it may be a help in preventing alzheimers disease.

  26. That kind of hate could only come from a Republican. Fortunately, most of you guys can't see to type proper English through the haze of red anger you have with the rest of the world. You're a sad person and I feel sorry for you.

  27. Watching a bit of Bill Hicks today, I thought of some of his material in relation to this post. He said you'd never see a positive drug story on the news... why?

  28. If you are a Prohibitionist then you owe us answers to the following questions:

    #1. Why do you rejoice at the fact that we have all been stripped of our 4th amendment rights and are now totally subordinate to a corporatized, despotic government with a heavily armed and corrupt, militarized police force whose often deadly intrusions into our homes and lives are condoned by an equally corrupt and spineless judiciary?

    #2. Why do you wish to continue to spend $50 billion a year to prosecute and cage your fellow citizens for choosing drugs which are not more dangerous than those of which you yourself use and approve of such as alcohol and tobacco?

    #3. Do you honestly expect the rest of us to look on passively while you waste another trillion dollars on this garbage policy?

    #4. Why are your waging war on your own family, friends and neighbors?

    #5. Why are you so complacent with the fact that our once 'free & proud' nation now has the largest percentage of it's citizenry incarcerated than any other on the entire planet?

    #6. Why are you helping to fuel a budget crisis to the point of closing hospitals, schools and libraries?

    #7. Why do you rejoice at wasting precious resources on prohibition related undercover work while rapists and murderers walk free, while additionally, many cases involving murder and rape do not even get taken to trial because law enforcement priorities are subverted by your beloved failed and dangerous policy?

    #8. Why are you such a supporter of the 'prison industrial complex' to the extent of endangering our own children?

    #9. Will you graciously applaud, when due to your own incipient and authoritarian approach, even your own child is caged and raped?

    * It is estimated that there are over 300,000 instances of prison rape a year.
* 196,000 are estimated to happen to men in prison.
* 123,000 are estimated to happen to men in county jail.
* 40,000 are estimated to be committed against boys in either adult prisons or while in juvenile facilities or lock ups.
* 5000 women are estimated to be raped in prison.


    #10. And will you also applaud when your own child, due to an unnecessary and counter productive felony conviction, can no longer find employment?

    Private prisons are publicly traded and their stock value is tied to the number of inmates. Here's what the UK Economist Magazine thinks of the situation: "Never in the civilised world have so many been locked up for so little" http://www.economist.com/node/16636027

    According to Paul Craig Roberts, a former editor of the Wall Street Journal and former assistant secretary to the treasury under Ronald Reagan, "Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists as the greatest threat to the American public."

    "Narcotics police are an enormous, corrupt international bureaucracy and now fund a coterie of researchers who provide them with ‘scientific support’, fanatics who distort the legitimate research of others. The anti-marijuana campaign is a cancerous tissue of lies, undermining law enforcement, aggravating the drug problem, depriving the sick of needed help, and suckering well-intentioned conservatives and countless frightened parents."  – William F. Buckley, Commentary in The National Review, April 29, 1983, p. 495

    There is no conflict between liberty and safety. We will have both or neither.
William Ramsey Clark (1927--)

  29. AnonymousJune 15, 2011

    I use to smoke quite a bit, and after a while got shakey and paranoid. I quit. Do I miss it? Yes. But I can not see going back.
    If I would stop after just a few tokes it was all cool and happy, but most of the time we smoked till wasted. Others laughing on the floor in fetal position. We would still smoke.. and after that drop acid if we had it.And some times keep taking that till we were most definetly out of it.

    Some people have addictive personalities, or in my case that and wanting to escape.

    I was not very productive at this time.

    The cool beatnick Philo poet on weed is a nice image but it was not me, and not around me.

  30. Sorry if it's already been posted, but the video you featured, "Grass: The History Of Marijuana", has had its audio disabled because it "contains an audio track that has not been authorized by all copyright holders".

    One more little nudge towards alienation.

  31. Damn, thanks Steve! I'll see if I can find a better one. It wasn't like that when I first posted.

  32. Marihuana is a MEDICINAL Plant.
    Our Native Indians used it for PEACE,
    Now can anyone in the Goverment Understand PEACE ??
    I have Back Pain and smoking Marihuana has help me a lot.
    When I was Young Y alwas has Asma, & since I start smoking Marhuana when I was 18 to 19 years Old, I had Never got Asma again.
    Alcohol is 1,000 worst than Marhuana. Goverment just do not want to see it.
    You can smoke marihuana and say ok, I do not want more, but if you use and drink alcohol you will not stop drinking. Many reports about this and is STUPID Marihuana is not Legal again, because long time ago was Legal in USA.

  33. Reverend Lauren and Medicinal Anonymous, I couldn't agree more with both of you!

  34. Wow, such different takes and opions on the matter. Your blog is great and keep up blogging. I don't think anyone has the right to tell you off or tell you that you should be different than you are. You work hard and stand up for what you beleive in at the same time. What is wrong with that? I could go on and on forever, but I will keep it short and sweet. Thanks for all you beleive in and the feedback to those that down others......From Ks

  35. Encouraging Anonymous, I needed to hear that this weekend- thank you.

  36. This looks like a great project. I think big change is underway and the more coverage the movement gets through websites like yours the better! Keep it up!

  37. Thanks Roor- I'll keep doing everything I can to helps spread the word!

  38. I'm challenging the entire CDSA with a never been tried defense. The latest Supreme Court ruling reiterates it. Section 7 Charter "principles of fundamental Justice. It is a misconstruction of the Act to not include Alcohol and Tobacco. Thereby I am denied equality before the law:

    "Drugs have no agency before the law your honor. It is not a semantic point to complain that the actual subject of regulation before the law, that is to say persons has been replaced with the object (“illegal drugs,”) an object supposedly imbued with complete illicitness. This legal fiction “illegal drugs” has crept its way into the latest Supreme Court decision; (Canada (Attorney General) v. PHS Community Services Society, 2011 SCC 44, September 30, 2011.) This reduces to something that cannot be regulated. Yet it is persons, humans, who are being declared illegal before they cause any mischief and therefore there is no threshold for interference into liberty, because drugs have no rights. We are denied any possibility of being treated as humans through a misconstruction that depicts the object of regulation as an illicit object.
    In any event, can it be right to pursue a policy that seeks to curb all controlled drug use via this Act? It is often forgotten that the Act does not declare the use of any drug at all to be an offense. It is an error when the Minister refers to the CDSA as being an Act of prohibition, and he justifies it surreptitiously by referring to “illegal drugs” and derivatively “illegal drug use.” The law only regulates persons with respect to property and at no time does the Act declare use to be illegal. It is a neutral healthcare act which is outcome based for the benefit of the community, not an act of prohibition, see Canada (Attorney General) v. PHS Community Services Society, 2011 SCC 44, September 30, 2011: “because it undermines the very purposes of the CDSA — the protection of health and public"

    This an excerpt from my defense for more email me

  39. SmittyNiggyJanuary 11, 2012

    Everyone needs to chill the fuhh out that belittles marijuana & its users.Ive dealt with all the negativey from family and friends that could possibly come from the goverment being selfish about a harmless substance.What youve done on this site makes me smile!It's not right to be looked at as a criminal by the people who once thought you were a "good" person.Especially not because of something thats "bad" because the goverment has a forest of trees stuck of their ayyyaasss'.I love your art also.Candy for my eyeballZz..keep it UP

  40. Bud- Keep up the good fight for all of us. I can't help but use the age old logic: It is JUST a Plant and you CAN'T Outlaw Nature!

  41. SmittyNiggy-

    I have experienced the same sort of biases since my teens. For 15 years I've been hearing how pot makes people unproductive and that it's a gateway drug. The harmlessness of pot only brings to light the harsh end-product of abused substances which actually do hurt and kill people. Recently, pharmaceuticals which our Government (under the thumb of Big Pharma) deems safe have become the #1 LEADING CAUSE of UNNATURAL DEATH in the United States. Not a single person in written history has died from smoking Marijuana.

    As far as this medicinal plant robbing one of motivation and creativity- the scope of my art can disprove such a theory (especially since it is all created outside of a day job.)

  42. thanks for the link in the Columbian

  43. I found this after looking for a possible place to buy what I need. I am from Cali and gotten use to being able to walk into my local despensery and make a purchase. I know this is a little weird but does anyone know where I can make a purchase? I know this is not normal but I am starting to get desperate.Cali has honestly figured out the benefits of this miracle and I miss it! PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. That's like a 10 year jail sentence or something in TN! Can anyone in Cali help this fella out?

  44. AnonymousJune 13, 2012

    I like the Drawing a lot.. Thanks for the Link..


  45. Ah, what great art work to go to such a good person and cause! Well done!!

  46. AnonymousMay 17, 2013

    Your precious Obama doesn't want it passed. Palin practically does though.

    1. Not many in Washington do want it passed- the main reason being the logistical nightmare of having millions of people incarcerated who could turn around demand to be released. There's too much lobbying money wrapped up in the largest prison system in the world here in the U.S. The vast majority of prisoners are nonviolent drug offenders.


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