Monday, January 21, 2013

TOPSY TURVY Sketchbook Project

Pen & Marker on Paper / 2013
The Sketchbook Project is sponsored by Art House Co-Op, an online creative community.  This year will be the fourth time I've submitted a book filled with my artwork for their touring book fair!  Later this year, my book along with thousands of other artists' drawings, paintings and mixed media illustrations will be on display at various venues throughout North America in this unique collaborative project.  I decided this time around to utilize one of my fan favorite techniques and make a Topsy-Turvy book which can be viewed either side up!  Check out the video below for the entire contents in just over one minute...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Smoke Two Joints

"I smoke two joints in the morning,  
I smoke two joints at night.  
I smoke two joints in the afternoon,  
It makes me feel all right.  
I smoke two joints in time of peace,  
And two in time of war.  
I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints,  
And then I smoke two more."  


Friday, January 18, 2013

Policing for Profit: Tennessee's Seat Belt Law

In route to work today, I experienced first hand a perfect example of Policing for Profit in our country.  Several years ago, my home state of Tennessee rolled out their "Click It or Ticket" program in an effort to force citizens to buckle up.  By the program's slogan alone, we see the State makes no attempt to disguise their true motivation behind this new law... the MONEY.  Aside from the cash flow generated by the tickets themselves, the federal government doles out incentive money to states to enforce such laws ($500 Million alone from 2005-2009.)  Currently, 32 states have enacted such laws with fines varying from $10-$200 per incident and classified as a misdemeanor charge.  In some of these states including Tennessee, not wearing your seat belt is probable cause enough by itself to pull you over.   There are currently no statistics available as to how much money these tickets generate but citations have been numbered as high as tens of thousands per month per state.

Fuck Tha Police (inks on bristol / 2012)

Of the many reasons drivers choose to not buckle up, I fall into the "comfort" category.  As you surely know constant viewer, I'm both big and tall standing at 6'2.  My seat belt in my van runs across my neck and is very uncomfortable not to mention dangerous.  Oftentimes, devices such as seat belts simply hurt as often as they harm.  According to a study by Time Magazine, drivers are even found to be more careless when using their safety belts falling under the allure of the illusion of safety.  Safety belts are very effective in head-on collisions and keep both drivers and passengers from being ejected from the vehicle.  On the other hand, they cause head injuries and death in rollovers, fires, water submersion and side-impact crashes.  Keep in mind, I'm not implying that seat belts DON'T save lives but only that the statistics of such instances are selectively used to create and impose more money-making laws upon the public.  A seat belt can save you but it can also kill you, despite the hype.  Not buckling up only effects you, not the people around you.  Again, we are faced with a situation of the freedom of choice and whether or not such a decision should be left to the individual occupying the vehicle.  In the "freest" country in the world, I again say we aren't free at all due to Police State laws such as this which only go to widen profiling, illegal stops and illegal searches.  The United States continues day by day and minute by minute to fine, arrest and imprison more of its citizens than ANY country in the world.

In America, Policing is a Business plain and simple (only nobody is getting a product or service in return for their money being extorted.)  Read more about this in my article, The Privatized Police State.

Click HERE to read a 160 Page Report, The Truth About Seat Belts which debunks much of the selective statistics which supposedly prove seat belts save lives.   

Blinded by the Light

Found this in a desk today...
Dry Erase Marker and Pen on Sticky Note

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Top 10 Movie Picks of 2012

This year was a neverending journey for lovers of cinema as I was absolutely blown away by well over two dozen movies which I viewed and ultimately considered for my annual list.  This is abnormal for me considering many in my social circle call me a movie snob.  I hate on a lot of it.  I expect more than I get often times.  Despite all there was to like, I was shocked by some of the movies which disappointed me this year- one's I'd really looked forward to.

Prometheus was the first big letdown of 2012 with a overly-worked script and really no solid direction despite the look of the movie and the cheap thrill.   Ridley Scott worked himself into a corner with this pseudo prequel to Alien.  Oliver Stone hoodwinked me next.  One of my favorite directors just had to let whatsherface voice-over the entirety of his new film Savages.  No amount of cartel butchery, dope or Benecio Del Toro could salvage this heap.  Which brings us to The Dark Knight Rises.  Plain and simple, Christopher Nolan just couldn't make lightning strike twice after The Dark Knight.  The usually air-tight and razor-precise scripting he and his brother Jonathan are known for slipped a notch.  I found a few plot holes far too distracting and I'm still at odds with several elements of the ultimate leaving-point of several characters.  To be clear, none of these three are bad movies... but they certainly are not the efforts I expected from such caliber of directors.

I had an incredibly easy time choosing my number one movie of the year which was ironically the first film I saw last January.  The hard part was choosing which flicks composed the rest of my Top 10.  There were many films which got scratched from the list this year and are more than deserving of note...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Painting in a Different Manor

Er... manner.  Aurora and I are knee deep in renovations and a couple of short weeks away from moving in to our new home here in Clarksville.  I spent the weekend painting including the three coats of Kilz it took to prime the NEW DREGstudios Home Office! I'm sure the walls won't stay white for long... I'll keep you updated!

Almost AFTER... (The baseboards are re-painted a glossy black)

BEFORE... That classy spray paint job was how I found the place (it covers up some colorful teenage angst sharpie graffiti from what I can tell!) Our floors are being redone this week in a Spice Brown.

I'm compelled to also plug a few folks who helped us get our home and who are making our transition a smooth and happy one...

Thanks SO much guys!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

No Egrets Grand ReOpening (My First Exhibit of the Year)

My illustration, "Wounded Heart" on Display
2013 is off to a wonderful start with a very energetic exhibit last night hosted by No Egrets Tattoo here in Clarksville.  Over 20 local artists exhibited work in the first art show in this newly renovated space.  Ben Dawdry and his staff have been hard at work the past couple of months created a very chic open reception area for their studio.  Our curator, Joe Melanson put together a smooth event with swarms of people looking at art (of all things!)  Great job Joe!  I'll be looking forward to many more shows in this magnificent new space!  Here are some pictures from the reception last night as they cut the tape on the Brand New No Egrets...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

No Egrets Grand ReOpening and Art Show THIS SATURDAY!

For all area folk, my first exhibit of 2013 will be with a slew of other local artists THIS SATURDAY at No Egrets Tattoo Studio's Grand ReOpening Celebration and Art Show!  The Exhibit will be curated Joe Melanson.  This cocktail casual event is FREE and OPEN to the Public.  No Egrets is located at 1128 College Street here in Clarksville.  The shop has been remodeled with a brand new Gallery Space with will be unveiled with a work from yours truly Saturday night.

For a taste of what you're in for Saturday, click aWay at these past art events hosted by No Egrets and curated my Mista Melanson...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013