Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Space Between Us

6in x 4in / inks on paper
The Art House Co-Op is sponsoring an arts competition for a $1000 grant. The theme for the competition is "The Space Between Us". Many different images came to mind... my wife Aurora gave me the best one though and the results you see here! Enjoy with fresh eyes... it's headed to Brooklyn.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rivers & Spires 2010

The Rivers & Spires website has a nice page up about this year's poster contest for the local arts & music festival and my winning design!

UPDATE: April / 2010 (after the festival)

The weekend was amazing and we met a wonderful group of people from all over Middle Tennessee! I had the privilege of spending part of my morning Saturday with Hank Bonecutter from WJZM Clarksville!

I had a great conversation with Hank about Meatloaf (off the air). Hank had pleasant things to say about the guy in person from his interviews back in the Bat Out of Hell I days (as do I; I've seen him in concert twice to pay homage). I'm rocking the cover on my T with these folks who won copies of my poster at this year's festival!