Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vroom Vroom Shroom (A Doodle)

gel ink pen on yellow card stock

A face runs down the leg into the floor- the crowd hoots and pines for more.  

The pivot to the tip of Father Time's hourglass agonizes in a preconceived apprehensive ESP.  

Cycle of deja vu sampling infinity's bounce hurtling sands of rhyme funneling thru the slide of inertia.  

The race fanned to beg out the boor- loud fruit between rind and core.   

For more on info on the Sacred Magic Mushroom, click HERE for my post called, "Fruit of the Earth" from Illustration Friday last year! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kevin Smith Fan Art

An old friend from school, Amanda recently commissioned me to draw a portrait of her husband Dale's favorite film maker, Kevin Smith for his birthday.  I like to incorporate as much as I can about my subject into their portrait. For this cult director, I decided to include some of the characters which have made his films so outrageous and popular.  There was plenty to draw from in his nearly 20 year film career.  Kevin is one of the leading directors of my generation, so I had fun creating this work, including references to many of the movies we grew up with in the 90's.  Of course, his most recent directorial venture was with the much darker Red State last year, which you can read about a little more on my Top 10 Movies of 2011!

Ultimate Kevin Smith (9in x 12in / inks on bristol / 2011)
Of course a portrait this intricate and with so many faces is a time consuming process.  Here are some pictures of me sketching and outlining all the characters...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Unchained

Inks on Bristol / May 26-27, 2012
I'll allow this new work of art serve as its own commentary for today's Holiday.  You can Click HERE for the art and prose I posted last year on Memorial Day!  Here are some process pictures from this new illustration...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flying Doodle Saucer

Gel ink pen on Cardboard / 2012
Floating through time and space bouncing off the back of a cardboard scape.  Relax and relate to fate from a lack of hard-lined shapes.  Surf feet fused to chrome reflecting nebula breath in the stark funneling black hole of God's eye.  Bouncing, third eye blinks back to the seen from unseen.  Shiver quiver chilled skin snaps back tight.

A moment in time...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Michael Franti and Spearhead at Fontanel / High-Five to My Third Eye

Michael Franti singing feet away from us!
Art should be interactive and pull an emotional response from its audience.  I had the delight of seeing one of my favorite musicians, Michael Franti with Spearhead over the weekend, who drew love from my heart and swirling visions from my third eye.  This is the type of guy who makes certain his music is an up close and personal event for everyone involved.  Spearhead opened up for Steve Winwood at The Woods at Fontanel in Nashville to raise money in a benefit for  Radnor Lake. During two different songs, he ran through the audience and back into the lawn area dancing with children, pulling people from their seats and hugging them into a state of joyful dancing.  It's impossible not to smile at such a site and feel the authenticity in the message of Michael's music.  My wife and I stood at the railing separating the reserved seating from the thoroughfare leading back to the lawn area.  Michael ran back and forth and even jumped up on by the railing, playing guitar and interacting with the audience.  It was a true thrill being a long-time fan of his music for around ten years now.

Here are a few wonderful pictures which my talented personal photographer and wife Aurora managed to get despite trying to keep up with a man running as fast and with as much grace as a cheetah through his audience to show them he's here down on Earth with the rest of us.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love It or Leave It... A Meme

I run into a lot of the "Love It or Leave it" attitude with my political art and posts.  Some of this backlash prompted me to throw together what is actually my first photographic meme.  I feel we all must embrace our mistakes and downfalls along with the violent and often shameful history of our country if we wish to better the world.  Not much has changed today as we've simply shifted slave labor to other countries through Big Business's outsourcing, which doesn't pay a living wage while we slaughter civilians in Middle Eastern countries under the guise of fighting terrorism.  We must learn from the past to change the future...

I Love Lucy's Braaaaaaaaains!

Detail of Zombie Lucille Ball
As I stagger toward the end of my Zombie Walk of Fame series, I've certainly saved some of the best portraits for last including Lucille Ball, who I literally just finished coloring tonight.  Of course Miss Ball was famous for her American staple of a sitcom, I Love Lucy as well as four successive spin-off shows following the actress's character.  Lucy won four Emmy Awards from thirteen nominations spanning one of Hollywood's longest lasting television careers.  I'd be lying if I didn't admit I had a bit of fun fish-hooking and goring up such a classic icon of cinema!

Click HERE for a stream of more previews from the Zombie Walk of Fame where I'm zombifying 101 stars straight from Hollywood Boulevard!

"I'm not funny.  What I am is brave"
-Lucille Ball

I have just under 20 more zombie portraits to finish coloring to round out my new series!  Here are a few process pictures from the coloring phase of this Zombie Diva.... 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mitt Romney's Magic Mormon Underwear

The 2012 Presidential Election will be known as the dirtiest political race in the history of the United States.  More money brings more problems and LOTS of mud to sling.  Much has changed since the 2008 election as The Supreme Court has since ruled in favor of corporations being able to anonymously funnel an unlimited amount of money to their chosen candidate.  Of course, money isn't the ONLY factor in deciding a popular election, but it's increasing the deciding factor.  Fortunately for Republican nominee Mitt Romney, he certainly has no shortage of funds and is also protected by his Magic Mormon Underwear.  These sacred garments are worn by folks of Mormon persuasion day and night to safeguard against the evils of the world including liberals, terrorists, homosexuals and poor people who would hope to see the downfall of a rich elitist such as himself.

Inks on Bristol / 2012
In the end, Romney is banking on the power of his temple garments and God Almighty to make it rain enough fluid cash to wash away the Obamanation and usher in the dawning of a new conservative era.  The Republican Party hopes a Romney win will course-correct President Obama's attempts at narrowing the wealth gap in our country, leaving men like Romney as the ruling class.  Money walks, money talks and money buys elections in our brave new world.  This man was chosen for the divine path to the White House because he's undeniably filthy rich.  Just how much money does Mitt have?  According to USA Today, if one takes the combined wealth of the past 8 U.S. Presidents and doubles it... that is Romney's net worth.  If elected, he will be the richest man to ever occupy the Oval Office.

How much does money truly factor in to which party gets elected these days?  In 2004, 98% of House Seats and 88% of Senate Seats were awarded to the candidate who spent the most money.  In 2006, the same held true for 94% of House and 73% of Senate seats as well as 93% of House and 94 % of Senate seats in 2008.  These are staggering numbers, which really tell the tale of how cash affects the outcome of voting.  Of course, in 2008, Obama had a 2 to 1 monetary advantage over McCain.  It is clear why Republicans nominated the wealthiest candidate they could find...

"Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Get the Money
Dolla, Dolla Bills Y'all"

According to analysts, political advertising on television this election is expected to jump 80%.  With Super PACs now in play, things are about to get nasty as these groups can spend anonymous contributions in any manner they see fit via attack ads.  Of course, as we've seen in the primaries, candidates don't even have to take any responsibility for the content of these ads seeing as the "independent" PAC pays for them.  A recent study found when a candidate doubled his spending on ads in any particular state, they got an extra 1% of the popular vote.  Likewise, when they cut spending by half, they lost 1% of the votes.  Add this to the list of reasons the general public wishes to remove corporate interests from politics as they devalue the average citizen's vote.  Polls have shown nearly 70% of Americans wish to limit campaign contributions, but then again, who is voting for us on such legislation?

"The issue here is not class envy, hating rich people because they are rich, but class interests – cementing the advantages of the privileged over the rest. The problem is not personal, it's systemic. In the current climate, it means a group of wealthy people in business will decide which wealthy people in Congress they would like to tell poor people what they can't have because times are hard. And unless the ruling is overturned there is precious little that can be done about it."

Today, there are over 250 Millionaires in Congress, drawing less than a $200K per year salary.  Money is an extension of power and wealthy men seek more and more control.  The median worth of any Congressman is $892K, which is NINE TIMES the average American Household.  Just remember when they have their hand out- if anyone doesn't need your contributions to get by, it's your local Politician... and the Good Lord of course.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ghosts and Iguanas in The Mayan Ruins of El Rey in Cancun

For those of you recently exposed to the world of my art, you may not realize I don't really make art for a living but rather to fulfill a compulsion to create which was born within me.  I actually serve as Marketing Manager for Environmental Water Systems who distribute RainSoft Water Treatment Equipment.  Every other year, RainSoft throws a blowout International Convention for its employees and dealers. This year, I was fortunate enough to represent my department by traveling to Cancun and help collect our dealership's 18 regional and world-wide awards over the weekend!   We were given some free time on Saturday before our International Awards Banquet to bum on the beach and see the sites.  My buddy Cameron and I took the bus a few miles south of the hotel to see the Mayan Ruins of El Rey and the fearless iguanas who inhabit them.  Here are a slew of pictures I got of the Mayans' artistic architecture...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zombie Walk of Fame: The Simpsons

The Siiiiiiimp-soooooons....

Of course, this would be one of my favorite stops along the Zombie Walk of Fame as I work toward finishing up all 101 zombifications of stars I chose from the Hollywood Walk of Fame for my new series.  Matt Groening's yellow-skinned, three fingered universe centers around this family unit of Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and Homer who have each become American icons.  I was among the first generation to grow up with television's longest running family and yearned for Thursday nights as a child and in my teens, gaining clever quips about culture, which I would regurgitate with my friends for weeks afterward.  The Simpsons ARE pop surrealism chewing up sacred cows and spitting them back in the mouths of the entire world.

With under 25 portraits finished to color, I'm on the home stretch as they stack up!  Also pictured is my Donald Trump Zombie (click HERE for more on him!)