Thursday, February 14, 2013

A VERY Limited Edition PRINT for DIRTY SHOW 14 (NSFW)

Signing the Limited Edition Prints
DIRTY SHOW 14 is TONIGHT night in Pontiac, MI and I've been asked to include work in their Erotic Print Store along with my original art.  I wanted to create a unique print run to fulfill the invitation so I decided to use my entry from DIRTY SHOW 13, The Vagina Beard Chart!  This eight-panel illustration was displayed in Detroit last year and has been a hit with vagina and facial hair connoisseurs alike!  The print includes the titles of each style portrayed:  the Baldo, the Fu Man Chu, the Boxed Beard, the Shenandoah, the Chin Curtain, the Sideburns, the Toothbrush and the Verdi... they're ALL HERE!

I've created a very limited edition of 10 of these new prints.  Each is hand-signed and numbered as well as matted in black at 11in x 14in.  Five will be available at DIRTY SHOW 14 this week in Detroit and Five are available through my Online Store here on RIGHT NOW (while they last!) 

Prints are delivered Matted and Bagged - Of course ALL ONLINE orders have FREE SHIPPING through my Store!

Trimming the Giclees so I could Matte and Bag 'em


The Framed "Vagina Beard Chart" which was displayed in Detroit at DIRTY SHOW 13

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Devil dOOdle (the FIRE rises...)

I've been itching to paint and itching to play with my markers as I finish up remodeling the house my wife and I recently purchased.  A pretty neat doodle came out of me at work while I was making confirmation calls this week and hacking away at a piece of scrap chipboard packaging.  I immediately fell in love with the method I used on this one and have a feeling there will be more in its vein to come!

Red and Blue Pens on Chip Board / 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where the Magic's Gonna Happen...

This week ends two and a half weeks of no blogging and no arting so I'm glad to be getting back into the swing of things at the brand spanking NEW DREGstudios! I still have a wall left blank to paint in my new work space so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks to see what happens!  It feels good to clear the slate and let those creative juices build back up... as always- more to come! For now, here's a couple of shots of my new studio space at the home Aurora and I bought here in Clarksville...