Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The DEVIL Comes Out at Night

Today marks the wickedest holiday of the year- Devil's Night!  As the personification of Evil on Earth, the Devil has a heckuva reputation to live up to so it's only fitting he have a night all to himself to wreck havoc with his otherworldly influence.  Fret not though dear viewer, the Devil is really just the yang to the yin of the human condition.  Evil must exist along with Good for without either, there is neither.  (The comic Angel and Devil on your shoulders should come to mind.)  At any rate, party hearty this Halloween while being mindful of how you affect others with your tricks, treats, pranks and poisons.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

dOOdle from The Frist (Stay On Fire)

I simply can't help myself sometimes.  My hands want to move and dance and make make make.  During our trip to The Frist Center in Nashville for 30 Americans over the weekend, Aurora and I also visited the Martin ArtQuest Gallery upstairs.  This interactive experience allows kids of all ages to create works of art!  From watercoloring to bracelet making to posing a gigantic larger-than-life mannequin, there is a medium for everyone.  We stopped for a moment to do some quick pastel drawings with texture plates which were laying out for folks to experiment with different patterns...

Oil Pastel on Paper / 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

30 AMERICANS at The Frist Center

The Frist Center for the Visuals Arts in Nashville is hosting a very unique exhibit right now which explores the boundaries of racial vision through the visual arts in our country.  I highly recommend my Tennessee folk see this inspiring and insightful body of work while it's on display through January 12th.  If you've never been to The Frist, now is the time to experience the level of achievement it brings to our region and state with exhibits like 30 Americans.
Kehinde Wiley - "Equestrian Portrait of the Count-Duke Olivare"

Friday, October 25, 2013


Here's the video from my most recent live painting session with Wolfman Bennett and Jesse Shaw last weekend!  These new paintings will be on display in December at No Egrets here in Clarksville for a very unique interactive exhibit where the audience will be able to watch the videos of their creation as well!  Here's nearly five hours of painting in four minutes...

Monday, October 21, 2013

SOUTHERN POP SURREALISM: The Harbinger of Death and The Pimento Patriot's Parade

Detail of Cyclops (acrylic and spray paint on wood / 2013)
Rain gave way to a flawless sheet of blue covering our Tennessee skies yesterday.  Having planned on doing some live painting this weekend, I was ecstatic to soak up the sunshine as the weather seems to be turning quickly this year.  In December, No Egrets Art Gallery here in Clarksville will be hosting a much overdue unique exhibit featuring collaborative paintings created by myself, Wolfman Bennett and Jesse Shaw.  The show is called Southern Pop Surrealism, the banner under which we've been branding the live painting style we've developed over the past couple of years.  Yesterday yielded what was a very productive session with two new finished panels to show for it!  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TOP 10 Songs about the Southern States

One is submerged in a deep and rich history which tells many tales in the Southern United States.   So much culture derives from the region including the birth of many forms of music which influence the entire world today.  Music has captured both the glory and (at times) sordid history we live with below the Mason-Dixon line. Southerners live with both the scenic beauty and comic absurdity of the world's impression of us. Music is a form of storytelling and down here there are many a story to tell.  Here are ten songs- each named and inspired by one of the southern United States.  Each weaves a different tale for its audience in encompassing the scenery, the people, the flavor and the trials and tribulations of The South.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year I've decided to help bring attention to the need for a cure in my own artistic way.  Today YOU also have the chance to help by purchasing one of the first five dOOdles I'm drawing on PiNK paper this month!  Each will be traded for a donation to Cancer Research!


Visit my WEB STORE by CLICKING HERE to purchase any of these one-of-a-kind miniature illustrations.  Each measures 4.25in x 5.5in (blue ink on pink paper) and is free-style drawn with no preliminary sketching- straight from the brain and into the pink!  Each is available for just a $20 donation to help fund Cancer Research.


In order to remain true in my constant plights with capitalism, here's the skinny:

From each sale, 100% of the purchase price ($20) will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation from DREGstudios!  (A shipping and handling fee of $2.95 will be added on to ensure the safe delivery of your new art.)  In the age of "Pink Washing" it's important to both you and I that the money we raise goes to work. This organization gets top marks from sources like Charity Watch and Charity Navigator because over 91% of donations go directly to actual research.

These bad boys are SO PiNK, they come out a weird lavender when they're scanned so here's some real pictures...

Thursday, October 10, 2013


This greedy little doodle has been laying around on my desk for a couple of weeks.  Tonight I finally got my DREGstudios! Store back up and running with the fancy new wheels you see turning here on my site!  Click away and see what wares you can take home!  Stay tuned this month for some original works of art I'll be posting for sale as well.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

SOLUBLE FISH at Nashville's Downtown Art Crawl

I'm loving you tonight Nashville!  Consider this a humble thanks to the hundreds of sets of eyes which turned out this evening to make my SOLUBLE FISH Exhibit a HUGE success!  The feedback both to me personally and through the countless gasps, gawks and looks of awe over my work truly inspire me to stay the course with what I do.  I had a blast hanging out with old friends, fellow artists and artisans and new acquaintances alike.  I'll carry the inspiration on my shoulders proudly this coming week!  A Special Thanks to Seth and space GALLERY for giving my work the showcase this month!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

VERY Limited Edition Prints for SOLUBLE FISH TONIGHT!

My solo exhibit SOLUBLE FISH has finally arrived!!!  At tonight's show hosted by SPACE Gallery in Nashville, I'll have on hand some very limited edition Artist Reproductions of four of my new paintings.  These editions of 10 will be available on a first come first serve basis for a whopping $15 each!  Come by during Nashville's First Saturday Art Crawl between 6PM-9PM to see my very first exhibit consisting of just paintings- NO MARKERS ALLOWED!

Space Gallery is located in the Historic Arcade Building in Downtown Nashville.  There are entrances on both 4th and 5th Avenues between Church St and Union St- just follow the Art Crawl!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Detail from "Imperial Octopus"
My new solo exhibit, SOLUBLE FISH is THIS Saturday Evening during Nashville's Downtown Art Crawl!  You'll be able to find me at SPACE Gallery in the Arcade Building from 6-9PM with NEW Paintings and Limited Edition Prints of a select few of them!  I've kept a pretty tight lid on this new series of work but you know it's just been eating me up to show them off.  Here's some process pictures and teasers of my fresh paintings.  Each was created with basically the same process of spray-painted backgrounds and acrylics painted on top.  See you Saturday in the Big Nasty!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't Get it Twisted (HAPPY ObamaCare DAY!)

In a World of misinformation, it's important to investigate for yourself beyond the madness of assumption.  While your social media feed melts down before lunch time, people are screaming to the skies, "Damn you Obaamaaa!" shaking their fists over the current Government Shutdown.

 Did you know there have been 17 government shutdowns since 1976?  Today's in particular is an orchestrated act of Political Theater to make you hate.  The Tea Party sect of the Republican Party in particular feeds and thrives off of your anger, which in turn gets them votes.  The past week was spent basing their entire production around attempting once again defund the Affordable Care Act rather than pass a budget to keep our Government running.  You see, ObamaCare (as it's been donned) is much less profitable for the Big Corporations who spend millions funding and lobbying these politicians.  While some of these vultures in DC don't really care about keeping National Parks Open and feeding poor children via WIC, they do care about who bankrolls their next campaign for re-election.  Also, don't lose sight of the fact they won't miss a single day's pay over this.  The Republicans behind this rouse knew last week just as they know today the shutdown wouldn't make these new healthcare mandates go away.  What they also knew is the blame game riles the general public up with misinformation.  The result?  An eruption of anger today instead of jubilation.

Today is already being remembered as the day the Government shut down.  Much more importantly, today also marks Open Enrollment beginning for ObamaCare which on January 1st of next year will cover the millions of uninsured Americans who can't afford to get sick today.  With all this distraction and frustration, less and less people who are eligible will enroll today and far too many won't even realize the doors have opened.  Educate yourself, educate your neighbors and friends and convince them to enroll today if they are in a situation where their families have been denied healthcare.  Don't let the greedy in Washington pull the wool over your eyes.