Contact dregstudios@gmail.com to speak with me directly about creating a custom portrait of you, your family or loved ones.  Of course, I also do custom artwork of celebrities, musicians, etc!

Josh and Jackie's Wedding Portrait

I love to draw people.  People inspire me.  Every person you meet in this life, you'll borrow from in one way or another.  I'm a storyteller and all of us have these things whether they be passions or memories or loves that drive us inside.  That's what I want to find with my work.  Art is intended to evoke emotion and create a visual journey for the viewer.  Art can be a dedication, a tribute, a memorial, or even a mantra...

Shelbi has a flair for burlesque and is a Leo!  Her boyfriend commissioned the portrait via email.

Evan and River as Super Heroes!  The 5x7in portraits on either side are based on Evan and River's
school pictures from when they were younger.  The center picture is 9x12in and based on them as
teenagers but in super hero form!  I asked both what powers they'd like to have and what
symbol they'd use for their costumes!

Barbara always thought Einstein would make the Perfect Husband!  Her daughter had me
make it a reality with an illustration she was given as a gift!
Alex and Ally 
For Zo's album cover artwork he commissioned for his new tracks, he wanted to be in a futuristic suit on a planet which was dying

Nick at three ages- A Christmas present for his Mother
Dan and Colleen looooooove Zombies!  This was their anniversary present!

Contact me today by email at dregstudios@gmail.com to get started on a portrait of yourself, a friend or a loved one!  5in x 7in FULL Color and hand-illustrated portraits start at $100 (price only varies by size and framing options are available.)  I'm open to new ideas and would love to create a visual treasure for yourself or a loved one.