Friday, February 22, 2019

TOP 10 Movie Picks of 2018

Year after year, movies continue to take me to places I've never been.  It's one our great escapes; an artform which wields the power to seize all of our senses at once.  The tradition of sharing my Top 10 favorite films is something I look forward to year-round, keeping a little list of everything new I've had the chance to watch.  Drawing from that pool of new cinematic treats, I get to talk about some of my new favorite experiences and share the places they took me.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Nice Hot Cup of...

Imagine you are having family into your home for breakfast.  Your doors are always open to family and the coffee is fresh and hot, ripe inertia for fellowship.  The guests are seemingly in acceptance of the coffee at first but with each sip this facade seems to wilt.  Halfway through the cup, the conversation turns to the drink itself.  You see, your family doesn't drink this brand of coffee.  As a matter of fact, they are devoutly beholden to their own coffee back at home and feel compelled to share the benefits of their coffee in comparison to yours.  Where they come from, there can only be one correct coffee.  However, you can't bring yourself to spring for a canister of it because it just doesn't sit right with you. Your guests quietly push aside their cups, unwilling to finish what you've offered; unable to digest it because their good coffee at home simply won't allow it.  The conversation turns again, this time from the coffee to the host.  What is wrong with you that you can't get the right coffee?  We all drink the coffee which makes sense to us and it should make sense to you as well.  You're missing out on the good coffee and they're worried about what effect this false coffee has on you.  It's causing a rift between all parties present and making the air stiff and uncomfortable.  They express their hope that you'll switch to the right coffee before it's too late.  You're only way out of this condemnation of your coffee is to change the topic of conversation to something less controversial.