Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vote NO on Amendment 1 to Protect Women's Rights

Tennesseans must soon decide how much freedom should be allotted to women in making choices about their own reproductive health.  On Election Day, there are 4 Constitutional Amendments being proposed on the State Ballot.  The 1st Amendment to the State Constitution involves the issue of abortion.  In a nutshell, the amendment would give state lawmakers the authority to pass legislation beyond those defined by the Federal Government in regards to abortion.  This would open the door for women's access to safe and confidential procedures to be limited (if not eliminated) by over-legislation. Unfortunately, this has already been the case for women in other parts of the deep south.  Today, many women in bordering states are forced to seek abortions in Tennessee to even have one done legally.  This is an issue which should be put to rest as women have the fundamental right to make decisions about whether or not to bare a child (with the consultation of a doctor, not a politician.)  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

C is for Clarksville on the Cumberland Art Exhibit and Book Signing

Tonight the Clarksville Arts & Heritage Development Council put on a one-night art exhibit and book signing for the release of their publication, C is for Clarksville on the Cumberland.  Hosted at the L&N Train Station here in town, the artists whose work was featured displayed their creations and signed copies of the book for guests.  Each artist was chosen to illustrate, paint, photograph and otherwise create artwork for their assigned theme.  Themes were based on each letter of the alphabet and chosen by the public earlier this year.  Books will also be available for purchase at the Roxy Regional Theatre, Downtown Artists Co-Op and Customs House Museum throughout the holiday season if you missed the show tonight!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunset on Center Hill Lake

I believe the sunset Aurora and I witnessed Sunday evening was one of the most breathtaking of my life.  We watched the palette of burning pinks and oranges change and radiate before our eyes from the middle of Center Hill Lake here in Tennessee.  The co-owner of the company I work for, Eric had an employee outing for a Fall Cruise of the lake on his houseboat, "Out of Office."  We had a brilliant time laughing and having a bit of fellowship with the great family of folks we work with day in and day out.  Eric and his main squeeze, Linda were all too hospitable to us all throughout the day.  After the gaunt gloom of the past couple of weeks, the fresh air and amazing scenery was much needed.  It couldn't have been planned for a nicer day.  I hope you these postcard-worthy shots Aurora and I took of the lake, a double rainbow surreally spotted directly overhead of us and of course the amazing sunset...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

C is for Clarksville on the Cumberland BOOK SIGNING!

This Tuesday, The Clarksville Arts & Heritage Development Council will release their new book, C is for Clarksville on the Cumberland.  Collecting a plethora of local history and culture, local artists were assigned letters of the alphabet with themes the public suggested to the Council.  I was asked to illustrate J (for Cave Johnson.)  This historical figure spent most of his life as a resident of our town.  As Postmaster General, he created the first postage stamp.  My portrait places him on a stamp though I've heard he's never had that honor... until now!

The book will be available throughout the holiday season at The Roxy Regional Theater, The Downtown Artists' Co-Op and The Customs House Museum.  To kick off the release though, a Book Signing and Exhibit will be held this Tuesday, October 21st at the L&N Train Station (10th and Commerce here in Clarksville.) The doors open at 5:30.  You can see all the original artwork created for the book in person as well as get your copy signed by as many of the artists as you like!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

SUPERMAN Sketch Variant

This week I spent a few days working this blank sketch variant cover of an issue of Superman Unchained!  I hope you guys are enjoying these covers as much as I am.  I've purchased twenty in all and the Kryptonian alien himself makes 8 down.  As I told an old friend this week, each one is like living out a childhood dream- too cool!

An issue of Superman was actually the first comic book which ever came into my possession as a child.  I got into comics at about age 11 when Superman had just been killed off and subsequently came back a year or so later to the world of DC Comics.  As an introduction to relaunching each Superman line, there was a different "Superman" helming each of the four titles.  Who was the real Superman?  I love a mystery and I was hooked! Of course none of them were and then the real Supes came back with a mullet which is pretty much where they lost me.  Plus, Superman is a cheater.... comic geek debate in the comments below?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I suppose it's no coincidence I drew Michonne from The Walking Dead over the weekend. Season Five of the cult phenomenon debuts tonight!  I know all you zombie freaks have been doing the staggering pee-pee dance of the undead this week in anticipation.  To pass the time myself, I drew Michonne (and her pets) on a blank sketch variant I scooped up recently.  This beauty was a labor of love since Friday night with some intricate and time-consuming detail on the trees and chains.  Despite a good deal of pondering, I decided to go with a grey scale on this drawing just like the comic line of The Walking Dead.  She's filled strictly with set of Prismacolor Cool Greys and a little Black.  Enjoy the drawing and the show tonight! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SABRETOOTH Sketch Variant

As a casual comic reader, the X-Men was probably my favorite brand which I read off and on throughout my youth.  Since revisiting my love for the sequential arts the past five years or so, I've found myself going back again and again for more of the mutant saga.  A few weeks back, I drew on the first of two Wolverine #1 blank Sketch Variants I picked up to illustrate.  The first cover featured Wolverine so I only found it fitting that the second feature his arch nemesis- Sabretooth!  Being a fan, I had a lot of fun drawing one of the staple villains I've seen in action since I was a kid.  Interestingly enough, Victor Creed was around the Marvel Universe for nearly 10 years before being crossed over into the X-Men to find his place in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and in Wolverine's world.  He matches the companion cover well...

Friday, October 3, 2014

Cacophony of Cardboard Creations

"Peaker" (ink on cardboard / 2014)
So if you come around here much, you know I can't keep my hands still most of the time.  For the past few years I've been sharing my dOOdles with you guys on what has become a pretty consistent basis now.  Here's a handful from the past few weeks which have stacked up.  Many of these sit on my desk and get hashed out a little bit at a time over a couple of days.  Each one is kind of a meditation which fills small voids in time where my brain is firing off in 20 directions at once.  It provides clarity and relieves stress... I recommend it to anyone- draw!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GALACTUS Sketch Variant

Monday evening I finished up this Galactus sketch cover I had worked on all weekend. Along with the Thanos cover I shared with you yesterday, it made for a productive few evenings in the home studio!  Just as I've gushed with the other few covers I've shared so far, this guy was a gas to capture in my style.  Galactus is a world-eating omnipotent villain who has terrorized galaxies across the Marvel Universe for over forty years.  I aimed to stay true to the original Galactus design rooting back to his first appearances.  Of course, as is the case with even comic industry artists, I stylized the character to my fitting.

Enjoy this dose of pop surrealism! I've got many more to come as my addiction has grown and I expect another lot of 10 blank sketch covers in the mail tomorrow.  This group includes Hulk, Deadpool, X-Men and even some DC and Image lines like Superman / Batman and The Walking Dead!