Friday, December 31, 2010

Illustration Friday: Lova (Happy New Year from DREGstudios!)

This week's theme at Illustration Friday is "Resolutions."  My entry for this week is from my Random Acts of Vibrance series (which will be in progress until next year.)  All the works under this theme have central figures with either lightbulb heads or lampshade heads who "turn themselves on" and "get an idea" so to speak.  Each creates and captures a moment of inspiration.

New Year's resolutions are our ultimate acts of inspiration.  Whether they are forced spontaneously or planned for months, they are your deal with the universal spirit to accomplish something.  Seize the inspiration and live it and believe it.  Live your dream and the dream is real... just realize it may be here and you not see it.  You have to be it before you consciously realize it.  We don't become masters of our crafts, purposes, and dreams overnight. The Secret to the Universe is positive visualization.  Write your goals down and see what you want.  We have to see it with our mind's eye in order to achieve it and take that next step in the evolutionary chain... get that next link locked in your journey.  See something for yourself today and believe in it... for real.

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Here are my top two personal resolutions for next year...

1.  Launch iLLAMENTARY as an online publication to create interest in and allow access to Pop Surrealist and Low Brow arts in the South...  Tha dirty needs a rag, we're gonna get it!

2.  Turn a profit.  This will be just the third year I've filed taxes as a professional artist and haven't achieved this.  I'm not saying I didn't make money, I just spent a lot more than I made!  It's a good thing I promise, I look at it like pulling back the sling-shot... it can only go back so far before we go sailing much much further and much faster the other direction.  This is an ongoing goal since I made the same one last year.  My earnings did increase around 500% this year so I'm optimistic.

See you in 2011!  Much love and adoration from DREGstudios!

What are your resolutions for 2011?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Illustration Friday: The Downsized Skeleton

inks on paper / 2007
Here is my first entry for a neat site I just got turned on to called Illustration Friday.  Every week they present a different theme for artists to post work around.  My entry for this week's theme, "Winter," is from a series which I've toyed around with the past couple of years called Ballad of the Skeletons.  These are based on the poem of the same name by Allen Ginsberg.  I can't give him enough love this week after watching Howl (see my review from earlier this week.) Every skeleton in the poem has a line of dialog...

Said the downsized skeleton,
Robot's got my job.  

For the meantime I've put this series on the back-burner since I got tangled up in some other projects.  I want to make much more intricate works with the remaining skeletons I have to illustrate. The themes of this poem stand the test of time and are all still relevant today.  I drew this is 2007 but pulling it back up for this online exhibit, it struck me how much more the image hits home after the financial problems we've all had this year.  Folks are falling on hard times not only because of technology but now from outsourcing work to foreign countries.  The guy at the top makes more as the poor schmucks at the bottom lose their jobs to employees who don't require as much pay or benefits.  The American worker is left out in the cold with little notice and/or severance.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 Movie Picks of 2010

Making your pick is tough work sometimes...
Anyone who is acquainted with me knows I'm a movie hound.  Movies move me and often inspire themes in my work.  I hate television... been completely unplugged from it for six years now and I don't miss a thing but I couldn't live without the joy of cinema.  I feel it is one of our highest art forms now, having developed from the exploits and exploration of 70's film to the visual feasts constructed today.  A good movie can change your perception of life and the world through various means, whether it be the story, the acting, or even just the cinematography. I love the idea of list-making, which probably stems from me reading High Fidelity as a teenager and I was compelled to compile my Top 10 list after seeing what I feel is the best movie of the year just last night.  However, we have to countdown to it so here we go...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Doodles (You Caught Me!)

Drawing has always been a nervous habit for me.  My dad got called to school when I was in the fifth grade to discuss this compulsion and its "interruption of my learning" even though I had practically straight A's.  The problem as they saw it was that I am scatter-brained and have to channel the voices so to speak.  Teacher thinks I don't listen because I doodle and draw.  My notebooks in school would contain illustrations and scribbles throughout.  I would often turn in my homework and worksheets with things sketched all over them.  If there is paper around and my hands aren't occupied, art happens... I've been known to make good use of scrap cardboard from the backing of notepads and such!

ball point pen and dry erase markers on chipboard backing from a scratch pad of paper (5in x 3in)

When I first started the job a few years back, I had a habit of drawing on spare sticky notes.  Usually these scribblings are incorporated into my notes and often discarded.  I did have a little stack of the stickies going though and what resulted was this work from my solo exhibit, "Scraps and Motives" at Cafe Coco in 2008...
"The Sticky Incident"  Inks on Sticky Notes (2007-08)

What do you like to scribble on?

Here's a newer doodle of note (pardon the pun) from this past week.

04/09/11 Ball Point Pen and Highlighter on scrap Chipboard

04/18/11 Ball Point Pen on scrap Chipboard

05/11/11 Ball Point Pen and Highlighter on scrap Chipboard
05/28/11 Ball Point Pen and Dry Erase Marker on Card Stock
06/16/11  Gel Ink Pen on Chipboard
08/06/2011 Hotel Preston (Nashville)
08/16/11 Ball Point pens on Chipboard, taking over a doodle from Cameron McKnight, a co-worker.
09/19/2011 Topsy-Turvy
10/04/11 Gel Ink Pen on Scrap Printed Card Stock for Titleblocks


Gel Ink on Card Stock / 01/27/12

Several months back, we were out of town in a hotel and I put down a couple of doodles which we gave to my wife's friend.  To my surprise, she scanned them and used one as the image on her new debit card!
Topsy-Turvy 02/04/2012
Topsy-Turvy 02/08/2012




February 2012







04/10/2012 / Metallic Sharpie on 1TB External Hard Drive!


Cardboard Packaging from a Roll of Tape

Topsy-Turvy Doodle

Ritz-Carlton in Cancun, Mexico (05/06/2012)
May 2012
June 2012
June 2012
June 2012

07/07/2012 (Lexington, KY)
Pen & Dry Erase Marker / July 2012

Pen & Dry Erase Marker / July 2012

Pen on Cardboard / 2012

The KINGmaker (09/2012)

12/08/2012 (2x Original Size)
Third Eye ACTIVATE! 12/10/2012

Crowning Kings 12/11/12
Dunce Doodle 12/12/12
UPs and DOWNs - Lightning in a Bottle
sunSPOT 3in x 3in 
December 2012

December 2012
Shoot 'Em Up 12/28/12
Third Eye to the 33rd (red sharpie, highlighter and blue pen on scrap cardboard)

Blue Pen, Red Pen and White Out on Sticky Note 12/12
Blinded by the Light (found after the fact - Circa 2009?)
03/13  Bite Your Tongue
dOOdle in a Blue Dress / March 3013

To the 9th Power / April 2013
Zombifying the Stock Girl - April 2013

A Match Made In... April 2013
hOOked on a FEELing 
Horny Little Doodle
High Five Stayin' Alive
Holy Batsh*t Batman!
Choking on the Sight of Sound
Mean as Hell Doodle
What'd that Asshole Say? Click HERE to find out!
QUARTER for your THOUGHTS (July 2013)
Some of that FiRE! (June-July 2013)

This Doodle is Gonna Hurl! (July 2013)
Dang dOOdle
The Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeam! (July / 2013)

What'd that Zombie Say? (August 2013)

King of the Mountain 08-09-13
Soft Serve dOOdle (August 2013)
To Gleet or Not to Gleet?
Blue Moon (8/20/13)

Blue Moon (8/20/13) 
TWISTED (August 2013)
WATCH the THRONE (August 2013)
*GASP* (August 2013)

SO eXcIted! (September 2013)
Philadelphia Museum of Art! (September 2013)

Water on the Brain (September 2013)
On the Other Hand (September 2013)
International Peace Doodle (9/21/13) 
Don't Get it Twisted (Happy ObamaCare Day) 10/1/13
TiNY ToPSY TuRVY (October 2013)
Make it Rain!
dOOdles for a Cure! (October 2013)
Stay On Fire! (10/26/13)

The Devil Comes Out at Night (October 2013)
Alien dOOdle
Stay Thoughtful (And Thankful)

Special 500th Post! (November 2013)


Size Matters

Drunk Ass Bird dOOdle
Skewwwwwwwwww dOOdle

Forced Exclamations!
Forced Exclamations!
Genuine Exclamations!

Genuine Exclamations!
Brain Melting dOOdle 01/24/2014

Spittin' Mad dOOdle (2013)

Punk Ass dOOdle (2013)

Creeeeeeeepy Skrull dOOdle

Three dOOdles Walk into a Bar

Sunday 6th Eye dOOdle

Stir Crazy dOOdle

Impatient dOOdle
Blow a Gasket dOOdle

Hypersensitivity dOOdle

Visionary dOOdle
Stay Fresh
What Goes Around Comes Around
Liquid dOOdle

Hot Time dOOdle
Hard Livin' and Easy Lovin'
Starry Eyed 
King's Landing


Tongue Waggin' dOOdle


Nosy dOOdle

Primal Scream

Death Mask
"Jaw Dropping dOOdle"

"Belcher No. 7843"

"Not Much to Say About It"

"Fancy Fowl dOOdle"

"Achtung Baby"




"Third Eye / First Tooth"
Doe-Eyed Devil dOOdle

No On 1 dOOdle

Election Day dOOdle

Cheezy dOOdle
Optimistic dOOdle

15-Eyed Devil dOOdle

Zee Devil dOOdle

Happy New Year dOOdle!

Focused dOOdle
Topsy Turvy dOOdle

The Grind dOOdle

Giving Thanks dOOdle

In Threes dOOdle

Right Eye Blind dOOdle

Dead Eyes dOOdle

Dunce Hat dOOdle No. 439