Thursday, September 26, 2013

Artist's Statement for SOLUBLE FISH

My new solo exhibit, SOLUBLE FISH is NEXT weekend at SPACE GALLERY during Nashville's First Saturday Downtown Art Crawl!  You'll be able to find me at 61 Arcade Building as you take in all the exhibit openings for the month of October.  I'll be in person at the Gallery from 6-9PM along with my art and some other goodies to hand out.  For now, I wanted to share with you my Artist's Statement for this new body of paintings I've created over the past couple of months.  I usually like to write something about each series of art I create to help guide the audience through my thought process.  SOLUBLE FISH is as much an homage to the school of Surrealism as it is a commentary on Man's world view juxtaposed with that of Marine Life's.  This will be posted at the exhibit to accompany my fresh dose of surrealism...

From the Artist…

The term “Soluble Fish” comes from the written work of the same name by AndrĂ© Breton who penned the Surrealist Manifesto in 1924 outlining the methodology and madness of both the literary and artistic sects of Surrealism- a movement which would storm the world of traditional arts.  Today, some 90 years later Surrealism still thrives in various forms throughout the world.  
Surrealism captures a dream which captivates audiences.  It exploits the fluidity of the unreal while emphasizing the impermanence of life, its actions and creations.  Within its realm, everything is both a fleeting glimpse and infinite at the same time.  It is soluble and melts before one’s eyes yet lingers and takes on new meanings scurrying from corner to dark corner of the viewer’s mind.   With this achievement, the veil is lifted, the mind is exercised and freedom is experienced.

“The mind of the man who dreams is fully satisfied by what happens to him. The agonizing question of possibility is no longer pertinent.  Kill, fly faster, love to your heart’s content. And if you should die, are you not certain of reawaking among the dead? Let yourself be carried along, events will not tolerate your interference. You are nameless. The ease of everything is priceless.” 
- André Breton, Surrealist Manifesto

With this new series of paintings, I sought in part to explore the literal- with various fish and aquatic life as my muses.  Taking these subjects out of their normal mode and environment, I’ve placed them in positions of authority and acts of liberation.   Do they reflect humanity’s strife?  Do they cry a primal and desperate scream for help?  Do they hold a convex mirror to our own preconceived notions about mortality?  The answers reside in your mind dear viewer- your fleeting glimpse (or infinite translation) of these works allows the surreal part to exist.  Only within your eyes does art serve its purpose.  Now cast your net…

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The best and most inspiring things do come to those who wait.  When I took a trip up to Maryland to stay with my Sister during my birthday week earlier this month, things started out a bit rocky with our plans at the last minute.  I was scheduled to attend an Art Church event where I would have met my own favorite artist, Alex Grey.  Due to a scheduling conflict, the event was cancelled at the last minute leaving me a wee bit heartbroken.  We decided to spend that day instead at Assateague Island and Ocean City for a different mode of inspiration via some wild horses and scenic beach time.  After a whirlwind trip and seeing literally thousands of works of art at the National Gallery in Washington DC, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Baltimore Museum of Art, I'd all but forgotten about any missed ventures.  Little did I know my sneaky sister, Becca had written Alex Grey and asked if he'd sign a birthday card she sent since I didn't get to meet him.  Alex in his down-to-Earth manner, did her one better by sending back one of his own custom cards which is not only signed but DRAWN IN!  I'm stunned, inspired and shown further how the Universe has surprises in store for all of us.  Thanks Sis!  Thanks Alex!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SOLUBLE FISH opens October 5th!

It has been a couple of years since I had a solo exhibit so I'm awfully darn excited for SOLUBLE FISH coming up on October 5th.  I've kept a pretty good lid on this brand spanking new series of paintings which will be on display at SPACE GALLERY inside the Arcade Building in Downtown Nashville.  This show poster I created yesterday also serves as the very first preview I've released of the series!  The show will be a unique treat for those of you who have followed my work.  My bread and butter has always been my illustration so this will be the first exhibit to only involved paintings- no markers allowed!  I wanted to challenge myself with my personal art as most of the painting I've been doing has been with the Southern Pop Surrealism gang in collaborative form.  Mark your calendars for the evening of October 5th and I'll see you at Nashville's monthly Art Crawl!

Saturday, October 5, 2013
SPACE Gallery 
61 Arcade Bldg / Nashville, TN

Saturday, September 21, 2013


These bones I've been branding for the past few years mean a couple of different things to me now.  At first my feeling was they meant Peace was Dead.  I mean the big D- never coming back (and maybe never really existed in the first place.)  As I get older, I'm understanding the only true attainable Peace is that of Inner Peace.  Every day we struggle to find such Peace inside, deep down, embedded and stable, holding us to the ground in our bones.

Even if modern globalization were to fall, it's within our human nature to strife even at the most basic levels- within the town, within the village, within the family.  Greed has driven war since the first spear was crafted and since the first stone was cast.  Today is no different as sadly enough Profit drives the manufacturing of most War.  It drives the greatest kindest minds mad to wrap our heads around it.  Murder in the name of  ?  Territory?  Food?  Women?  Oil?  Religion?  Man finds reason to conflict with other men which is the way of the World.  Peace is dead... find your Inner Peace.

Photo by Rebecca Hardin

Find your Inner Peace and Be the Change you want to See in the World.  Don't forget there is such a thing as Community and they're supposed to come together when in need.  Today is the United Nations International Day of Peace where a global call asks for solidarity in finding a moment of World Peace.  I hope you find the moment today and I hope it's a moment of Love and a moment of Compassion because we're all in this together.  Find yourself and find your happiness so you can show those around you the same.  Positivism is contagious!

Friday, September 20, 2013

On the OTHER Hand...

Multitasking is the key.  I'm often asked just how in the world I get so much accomplished.  I blame a blend of coffee, ganja, deep-seeded compulsion and planning.

During the mornings this week, I've been working on the details of a KickStarter campaign for my ZOMBIE WALK of FAME book (which hopefully YOU will be helping me crowd-fund into reality next month!) It's been a whirlwind of a week catching up at my day job after my vacation last week.  After hours, I've been converging with Old Angel Midnight on a series of brand-spanking new paintings for my first ever marker-free solo exhibit SOLUBLE FISH opening in two short weeks at SPACE Gallery in Nashville's Arcade Building!  Of course these bad boys are under lock and key as I haven't even leaked so much as a process picture of any of these new works just yet!  Stay tuned though, as I don't think I can hold out much longer.  I don't lead a double life, but often-times a seemingly quadruple one. Just like this Topsy-Turvy doodle, there's more than one side to each story.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Until October, I'll be here growing gills and painting all things aquatic for my upcoming solo exhibit, SOLUBLE FISH!  I got a full dose of thematic inspiration last week on my trip to Maryland to stay with my Sister.  We visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore, saw hundreds of works of art, massacred seafood at Fifer's and got a day in at the beach to water my brain for when I got back this week.  Some previews will be coming soon of my new body of paintings which will be on display at SPACE Gallery in the Arcade Building during Nashville's Downtown Art Crawl on October 5th!  Details, posters and shameless self-promotion of the surreal are coming soon...

Sunday, September 15, 2013


On the way home from our trip to Maryland this week, Aurora and I took the scenic route through the mountains via Skyline Drive in Northern Virginia.  This marvel of engineering weaves back and forth along the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Running the length of the Shenandoah National Park, it is 105 miles long but every last inch is a stunning view of trees, wildflowers and countless shades of blue mountains.  Our breathes were taken away time and time again as we spent the better part of the day soaking up the palette of Mother Nature's best work.  It's not hard work getting good pictures as everywhere you point the camera looks like the front of a postcard.  The tough part was narrowing down 30 views from this National Scenic Byway to share with you from the nearly 400 we took!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


On September 11, I had the immense joy of being inspired by the journey of 1000 years of artwork which The Philadephia Museum of Art provides.  My sister Becca drove Aurora and I to the City of Brotherly Love to get in some tourism as we are staying with her in Maryland this week.  We spent the early afternoon at Reading Terminal Market for some shopping and a lunch of the World's Best Sandwich at DiNic's.  The bulk of the day however was at the Museum soaking in a seemingly endless collection of art.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, I left with millions storming my inspired brain!  I'll be changed for the rest of my life by witnessing in person so many masterpieces from art history.  Enjoy some of the highlights of the collection with this sampling of the more than 500 pictures we took...

Monday, September 9, 2013


A beautiful start to the day here in Maryland...  I took a video of the entire sunrise from our room right off the Atlantic Coast in Ocean City.  Aurora and I took a day at the beach before moving on to Baltimore in our journey around the Northeast with my sister and brother-in-law. The sunset on the drive back to their home in Pasadena this evening wasn't too shabby either!  Here's an hour and a half of cloud porn in two minutes...  

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Tonight, Aurora and I are spending the evening beach-side in Ocean City, Maryland with my Sister Becca and Brother-at-Arms Paul.  Today we experienced the majesty which is Assateague Island off the coast of the Virginia-Maryland state line.  This island serves as a refuge for many breeds of wild horses which occupy the island.  The horses were brought over some 300 years ago and still roam the entire stretch of the island today.  Every year, a group of the horses are swam across the bay to Virginia to be adopted and given homes to control the population.  It is a sight to see and you can with these shots my wife and I caught today...

Thursday, September 5, 2013

SO eXcIted!

Red Pen on Blue Scrap Paper (2013)
Sweet God what a hectic week... I've been busy breaking personal sales records at my day job while going back and forth with my printer about the every-impending publication of my ZOMBIE WALK of FAME book being left hitching rides around town as the DREGstudios! wagon gets whipped into shape.  But now the excitement ends as another excitement begins!  Aurora and I are leaving Friday night for my Sister's in Maryland.  We'll be storming Ocean City, Philly, Baltimore and DC in one sweeping week of action-packed vacationing included catching a Depeche Mode concert on my birthday Tuesday!  I'm SO EXCITED.... and so is this dOOdle!

* GASP *

"Gasp" (ink on scrap chipboard / 2013)
“I want them "dunked"-plunged deeply into life, brought up gasping and dripping, and returned to us humble and ready to learn.”  -Reuel Howe

“I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps "Oh look at that!" Then- whoosh, and I'm gone...and they'll never see anything like it ever again... and they won't be able to forget me- ever.”  -Jim Morrison

“The anguish of the neurotic individual is the same as that of the saint. The neurotic, the saint are engaged in the same battle. Their blood flows from similar wounds. But the first one gasps and the other one gives.”  -Georges Bataille