Friday, May 28, 2010

TOPSY-TURVY: Fantastic Four

Here is a recent illustration of The Fantastic Four. I was nuts about comics when I was a kid. Thanks to a conversation with my buddy Dan a couple of years back about the premise of Kingdom Come, I'm hooked again. I picked up a copy after he talked it up and that single purchase opened the floodgates back to my guilty pleasure. The idea for this work surfaced and I just had to run with it. With all due respect to Marvel...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Self-Published TOPSY-TURVY book is on the way!

I've envisioned a book of my TOPSY-TURVY series for quite some time now. Over the past year, I've toyed with different book designs and ordered prototypes from several different print and publishing companies to see what I liked. My two volumes of poetry are very nicely bound by Lulu Press, a print-on-demand press (and I've sung their praises for years). They just haven't done me justice with color reproductions of artwork for the price though leaving me to venture around for the right look and finished product.

This morning I received THE ONE... the final final draft copy! I'm so proud of her, I took pictures and now she's under my pillow, awaiting my slumber. The first twenty copies are sent to press and will be a reality by the end of next week.

The book includes nearly 60 full color reproductions of illustrations from my TOPSY-TURVY series from 2005-2010. Each book opens from either side with inverted covers so you may run through either side up. I went with a coil binding because of the paper I wanted for the works. I chose something durable and thick that stayed true to my colors and is the same stock I get my PRINTS run on. You can add one to your library next week for a meager twenty spot(that's around 35 cents per mind-blowing image... I even did the math for ya!)

*pee-pee dance*