Friday, June 29, 2012

TEADS' Dinosaurs

My boy TEADS posted some pictures today of artworks which he has collected from me over the years.  I thought these relics were worth sharing coming from my pre-blogging / pre-social networking days!  Teads provided the hot spot at his downtown place for quite a few art exhibit after-parties several years ago.  I probably gave him a few of these when I was completely trashed and telling him how much I loved him.  Ah, sweet double-metal monkey bromance...  

Watercolor on Paper (Year Unknown)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

{ Doodle PAR-TAY }

Gityup, gettup and geetdown... it's just a little dose of the doodlage and my Southern Pop Surrealism.  This guy expresses the enthusiasm I wish I had in the middle of the week... it's his Friday, your Thursday and my Wednesday here at DREGstudios... Put on your party hat and we'll be laying down the cardboard.  Spin baby spin...  GO GO GO!

Picture from my birthday party last September... click HERE for Chad Spann's ENTIRE Photo Shoot!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spannish Dance Lessons

My dear friend Chad is a humanitarian, artist, banjo player, photographer, part-time pulled-pork masseuse  and now an entrepreneurial dancer! Contact him today to learn the most masterful of Spannish Dances including the Grey Screw Flamingo, The Wasp Sting, The Head Change Spin and the most coveted of secret dances, the Kyoto Monjambo.  Introductory rates start at just $20!

Photos by Chad Spann and Ashley Jae Fly

Friday, June 22, 2012

Crossing the Finish Line of the Zombie Walk of Fame with LASSIE

"Zombie Lassie" inks on bristol
Rooting from some arcane and self-torturous moment of insanity, I decided to begin my Zombie Walk of Fame series some 21 months ago.  I set out initially to draw 100 gored and gorged portraits, recreating the likenesses of stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  After sketching out my initial 100, I asked fans of the DREGstudios! Facebook Page to vote on who would be the 101st.  From a variety of choices, the masses spoke and picked our favorite canine hero and star of her own TV show for 20 years- Lassie!

With finishing her colors tonight, I stumbled across the finish line of this massive undertaking.  I'll be seeking a proper venue now to display the entire collection of portraits and will be in high hopes of bringing you more news of the exhibit sooner than later!

Linework in Progress

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[ ~ BrAiN SaLaD ~ ]

"My whole brain 
was out of tune
Whole brain was out of tune
I don't know how to tune a brain, do you?

Went into a brain shop
They said they'd have to rebuild the whole head

I said, "Well, do what you gotta do"

When I got my brain back, didn't work right
Didn't have as many... 
good ideas
Haven't really had a good idea since I got it fixed."


This has is a the Doodle... Click HARE fer zeeeeeee Doodlage!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

WOLFMAN ORIGINS: Pick of the Litter

Today was my cohort in art crimes, Charles "Wolfman" Bennett's Birthday!  Here's how we celebrated...

Photography featured in the video by Ashley Jae Fly!

Happy Birthday Wolfie!

All the Colorful People of Nashville PRIDE 2012

Yesterday, my lovely wife Aurora and I set up the DREGstudios! Tent at Nashville PRIDE's 2012 Festival at Riverfront Park in Nashville.  PRIDE is the annual declaration of the GLBT community's existence to their local community and a gala which a variety of people dress up and go all out being their colorful wonderful selves.  This celebration serves as a platform for the gay community to be proactive socially and politically.  There was live music, dancing, singing, playing and swarms of folks who provided me with wonderful conversation about both their lives and my artwork which was on display.  Occupy Nashville came around with their live feed and gave me a brief interview about my work as well!  I thoroughly enjoyed setting up and speaking with such a diverse crowd of people with their third eyes wide open and their hearts on their sleeves.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and a beautiful crowd, which Aurora got a couple hundred pictures of but here are some of the best...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Over 18 months ago, I sketched out and laid the inks down on 100 zombie portraits of celebrities who have  stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  This was the foundation for my Zombie Walk of Fame series.  Tonight I finished coloring the last of that batch of 100 drawings by zombifying one of the Disney's flagship icons, Donald Duck!

inks on bristol / 2010-2012
So why the celebration- am I done?  Not exactly... but I am at a stopping point before I reach the finish line.  I tore up two of my illustrations in realization of their wretchedness (George Carlin & Clark Gable.)  I have these re-do's along with the 101st zombie who I let fans vote on at the DREGstudios! Facebook Page last year.  They chose Lassie... so that will be the best for last and only real animal I will sicken up for the series!  Tonight I celebrate though as I finished that initial mountain of drawings I've been pecking away at for over a year and a half.  It's haunted me, wracked my nerves, and made me admire the shape of many stranger's head.

Here's to you constant viewer for sticking with me through the journey!

Submitted for your Approval: GasBuddah

Inks on Paper / 2006 (BLAST from the PAST)
My buddy Gary's frontal lobe sprung to life on him one day.  I'm not for certain how long ago that was since I just met him the past couple of years through mutual family.  I only know he's energized by his self-invoked cognitive liberties and has a voice to share... one that's certainly embraced change.  He's tuned in and he's bound to change the channel of the minds of many others' to his station.  Gary has taken a step recently to bare part of himself to the world in the form of a blog featuring his writings at GasBuddah!  One of his first creations he's unleashed is an insightful take on the creative process.  Give him your ear for a moment and your brain my skip a beat too... and catch a different frequency:

A small electrical charge dances across the receptors of a human brain. Another idea has been conceived. This simple electrochemical process occurs millions of times a second across the whole of the human species. Sometimes I feel as though it happens millions of times a day within my own mind. Millions upon millions of ideas. We all get them. Unfortunately, not all of us know what to do with them. Some know exactly what to do with an idea, yet they never seem to carry thru with it. Very few are the rare breed of human that knows what to do with an idea and actually possess the ability to turn thought into reality. Fewer still have the bravery needed to share their work with the public; these are the artists...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Timothy Leary: Turn On Tune In Drop Out

I illustrated this portrait of Dr Timothy Leary from my Cult of Personality exhibit back in 2009.  Leary was one of the most brilliant minds in American History and led a wave of revolt against the capitalist establishment in the 1960's.  If there were such a thing as a Cognitive Politician, this Harvard Doctor footed the bill as he politicized drugs and attempted to step completely away from society and it's discontents.  Leary had a vision of a better world to live in and was the definition of Counter Culture.

If you don't like what you're doing, you can always pick up your needle and move to another groove."  -Timothy Leary

Memes are made for passing so Pin It, Tweet It, Share It!!!

Click HERE to visit my WEB STORE where you'll find prints available of the good Dr. Leary along with some brand new editions just released this week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

NEW 2012 Edition PRINTS are IN!!!

Today, I'm releasing 7 new open edition prints through the DREGstudios WEBstore!  I haven't released any new prints in over a year, so the store was overdue for some stocking.  I wanted to post some previews of the prints from when I got them shipped in last week and began bagging them for distribution.  You can see the quality of these puppies from the pictures.  Of course, just like all my open edition prints, they are a bank-breaking $10 each INCLUDING Shipping... yeh, I'm derranged (and just want my sickness hanging on your wall!)

Here are some more pictures of these BRAND NEW Reproductions...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eye Doodle I Doodled...

Idle hands and eyes are the dirty little toys of the Devil so I keep mine busy nervously doodling all the time.  I doodle on books and doodle on desks and doodle on notes and doodle on doodles.  Here's an overloaded eye-fro (if you will) I slapped on this dude last week...  
Gel Ink Pen on Scrap Cardboard

Friday, June 8, 2012

NO RESPECT: Rodney Dangerfield on the Zombie Walk of Fame

Z-minus 7 and counting before I reach the end of my labor in love and gore.  Off and on and in-between the past 19 months, I've been working on 101 zombie portraits of stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I'll be finished in another week or so, at which point I'll start looking for galleries to exhibit the entire series (while I seek out a buyer for one of my kidneys to cover the framing!)

Here's a quick peek at the entire stack everyone's favorite insult artist Mr. Rodney Dangerfield topping the stack!

The Ultimate Rubik's Cube Showdown

Earlier in the week, I posted some process pictures and a time lapse video of "Sole Sucka" which wild-man Charles Bennett and I painted this past Sunday.

Here are some pictures of the other painting we did that afternoon inspired by the 80's as things just got weirder and weirder for your local pop surrealist dynamic duo!  It's the ultimate Sci-Fi Rubik's Cube showdown from the Mad Max and Blade Runner Universes!

Charles painted Rutger Hauer and the Rubik's Cube while I came in to add the brains and a sort-of kind-of Road Warrior inspired punk guy to serve as challenger!  Who can conquer the flying conundrum of cubage?!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SOUL SUCKA (A New Time Lapse Video)

As promised earlier in the week, here is a new time lapse video of one of the paintings Charles Bennett and I concocted this past weekend!  This one is called "Soul Sucka."  I had this track by CunninLynguists stuck in my head the past few weeks and realized the content lined right up with the imagery which spewed forth from our outdoors session Sunday.  The finished product flows quite nicely.  Hang on tight and watch yer eyebrows... here's three and a half hours of painting in four minutes!

Cold War Crack Pipe

Acrylics on Canvas by Charles Bennett
When I hooked up with Charles "Wolfman" Bennett Sunday afternoon, we hadn't painted outdoors in a few weeks but had both coincidentally been cramming our brains with 80's cinema.  Our job as translators of the divinity within all that is pop culture beckoned us to unleashed our creative energies on a blast from the past! We based the day of painting around the vintage beauty of all things Cold War Era... with a twist of surrealism.

Here are some pics from the canvas we painted Sunday.  I also took some footage for another of our crowd-pleasing pantie-dropping time lapse videos!  Of course, I have to slave out my laptop to the process over night so you'll have to check back for a dose of Southern Pop Surrealism LIVE!