Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Mind's Eye / The 3rd Eye

The concept of the “3rd Eye” comes from the Ajna Chakra (the 2nd Chakra down at brow level) in western spiritual tradition. It represents enlightenment and awareness and is represented as a lotus with two petals and is violet in color.  Chakras are our energy centers. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions.  The Ajna Chakra deals in self reflection and visualization and is in place of the mind's eye on the forehead.

Here are some detail thumbnails from several of my works involving The Third Eye...
The Third Eye can reflect a range of visions and emotions...

We are all artists of the mind. Think about your favorite painting and you see it, think of the one you love and you see their face clear as day but not with your eyes… with your mind. Your mind is the birthplace of dreams and every idea that has achieved what we now call the “experience age,” where communication and technology have broken the world wide open, giving access to countless people and knowledge and sharing. The power of the mind is the secret to the universe and through visualization you can achieve anything… it started with a wheel and now we have wireless communication and 3D movies. Visualize what you WANT today!

“Dreaming of that face again.
It's bright and blue and shimmering.
Grinning wide
And comforting me with it's three warm and wild eyes.”

-Tool, “Third Eye”

Visions, clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, and heightened states of enlightenment are all considered work of the 3rd Eye. Visual arts are also products of our imagination. The mind gives drive and ability to create with our hands and colors and tools. People are free to translate their visions into countless forms or media, art, and expression.

The 3rd Eye is a constant theme in my work and the concept itself is a permanent musing of mine. Thoughts become THINGS! So choose the GOOD ones!  

The Third Eye
40 Full Color Pages  /  2010  /  8.5in x 5.5in

This collection of art center around the theme of the Mystic Eye or The Third Eye.  Includes illustrations, paintings, and mixed media works as well as a statement from the artist.



  1. Tool is an absolutely fantastic band, their music can truly enlighten one's perspective on this world. Their experiences with psychedelics, especially DMT, has launched their music into a new direction.

  2. Many great artists, authors, musicians and creatives owe a lot to the visionary experience of psychedelics. Alex Grey, Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, the Entire Beat Generation, Tool and even Bill Gates are quoted as attributing their accomplishments in part to such experiences.

  3. I wish i was an artist, because the way some people express themselve is just so distestful, it make me think, their mind has to be a hellish place, tormented, negitive, doomesday. I feel, not a great way to spend ones existance.
    I wish i could draw the bueaty i feel, the love i have for my follow man. how mush beautiful it would be...this would is only growing auglier becuase people keep mentally sending it out.
    projecting - Death, Hate, anger, Anti-love

  4. Wishing Anonymous,

    We are all born artists with fertile ground for developing our modes of expression. Some of us paint, some of us draw, some of us sing, some of us dance, some of us write, some of us act and some of us raise our voices for those who cannot.

    Please know that a capacity for expression is a different thing than ability and skill. I hope you find a way to express what you feel to others. It's the greatest gift you can give the world and the greatest therapy you can give your self.


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