Sunday, June 20, 2010


There is SO much to be said about this recent group exhibit I was involved in (curated by Jeff Bertrand) in Nashville at Studio 83. Jeff and Daniel (owner of the space) gathered a tremendously talented group artists local to Middle Tennessee to work with and draw inspiration from five different themes to create works for this unique event. Dr. Sketchy's was on hand with Snow White, who modeled for the artists throughout the evening.

(flier I threw together for the event)

I was blown away by the work from many of our local favorites including Dustin Dirt!, Brooke E, Charles Bennett, Anjeanette Illustration and others. I would dare say (no offense to ALL the wonderful galleries I've worked with) this is the best group show I've ever exhibited in. I still think about much of the work regularly these some-odd months later. Kudos to all the artists for knocking 'em dead. I'll never forget this one!

THEME: Turn a Disney Character Into a Garbage Pail Kid
"Musty Minnie, Parvo Pluto, & Mangy Mickey" (inks on paper / 2010)

THEME: Snow White and the Seven What?
"Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins" (inks on paper / 2010)

THEME: Failed Business Ventures of Willy Wonka
"Wonka Weed Wack, LLC" (inks on paper / 2010)

THEME: Characters Dorothy Met Along the Yellow Brick Road
"Wicked Pimp of the West" (inks on paper / 2010)

THEME: Early Jobs of Children's Television Icons
"Mister Rogers' Stunt School" (inks on paper / 2010)

Here's some shots from the Opening Reception...

Disney Characters as Garbage Pail Kids!

Dustin Dirt's Snow White

Snow White from Dr. Sketchy's!

Failed Business Ventures of Willy Wonka
And here are some more great shots from another participating artist, Brooke E!
A couple of pictures of me drawing our Snow White Model from Dr Sketchy's!

Gallery owner Daniel Hawks figure drawing as well

Erin Crissey's entry for Other Characters Dorothy Met on the Yellow Brick Road

Disney Garbage Pail Kids!

Dustin Dirt! checking things out

Later modeling session...

The Wolfman cometh with Ink-slinging Jonny Lashley of Kustom Thrills Tattoo just across the street from the exhibit in East Nasty


  1. Extraordinary work! Hate that I missed the exhibit. Especially like Snow White. You have such tremendous talent. So thrilled that you're really hitting a major groove buddy. Keep the inks a flowin'!

  2. Honestly after seeing your work I'd love to see why you would do with the beloved characters of Pokemon(No disrespect to the pokemon is being given by me) Also You kind of remind me of MY fiancee.

    1. You must have an awful strange fiancee, Amy! I don't know much about Pokemon but I'm sure I could give them the Pop Surrealist treatment!


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