Monday, July 19, 2010

My newest book THE THIRD EYE

Back in April, I wrote to you about my works centering around The Third Eye (the mind's eye).

When I was writing that blog, I ran through my works involving this subject and found many more pertaining to the theme of the 3rd Eye than I anticipated revisiting. I made a neat thumb collage of some of these illustrations to appease my creative juices for the blog's sake. Then a funny thing happened- the idea ran wild in my brain for a few weeks until I had THE THIRD EYE book designed (and now available for you!)

works from Brandt Hardin (2004-2010)
24 FULL COLOR works of art in 40 page volume!

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  1. Olivia (Coleman) RosadoSeptember 15, 2010

    Brandt, you are so talented and I'm excited that you are able to pursue your art and do something like publish a book.


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