Thursday, December 23, 2010

Peace on Earth

First and foremost, thank you constant viewer for making my work possible- your audience is the most deeply touching gift I can receive year-round.  Without your fresh eyes, my art doesn't live or exist beyond my own strange and surreal meanderings.  I wish the greatest joy for you and the ones you love this holiday season- those with you, those we've lost, and those who can't be with us.

I hope you all take the time during X-mas to look beyond any financial shortcomings a tough year and recession has brought some of us and realize the reasons for the season- peace and joy!  Millions of poverty-stricken souls around the world won't enjoy the meals, gifts, and fellowship we are blessed with this time of year.  Don't take our freedom and lifestyles for granted.  Appreciate and relish in your presents and company.  God is the energy between words pushing them to and from us.  God is the inertia of action.  Celebrate that and celebrate a singular unselfish God which wants Peace here on Earth for all religions, all races, all countries, and all facets of life.

Music is one of our most powerful modes of expression and persuasion through it's universal appeal.  Here are videos with John Lennon and U2 which present some poignant messages about the importance of your voice and how you can use it to spread love, joy, and peace...

... and for your amusement, some fun holiday articles from mental_floss that I found interesting...

Happy Holidays from DREGstudios!
P.S.  I still have about two dozen of my custom Christmas cards left that need homes (which are printed with the image posted above.)  Email me your snail mail address to to get yours!  

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