Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Memoriam: Gerry Rafferty

"Stuck in the Middle" inks on bristol (01/05/11)
Scottish rock legend and co-founder of sixties pop sensation Stealers Wheel, Gerry Rafferty passed away this morning from complications of liver disease.   Gerry's music has been with me since I was a teenager... and will always continue to make my playlists. He released his final album last year.

When I read of his passing this morning, I was immediately compelled to pay tribute through my craft.  The background of the cityscape in the reflection of Gerry's glasses is Scottish flags on either side.  Stealers Wheel got together in Renfrewshire, Scotland around 1972 and were considered the British version of super-group Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young at the time.  The group disbanded in the 70's and Rafferty went on to score a #1 hit in 1979 with the love song, "Right Down the Line."

The clowns and jokers bordering the portrait are inspired by lyrics from Stealers Wheel's biggest hit, Stuck in the Middle with You.

"Clowns to the left of me; Jokers to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you."


  1. Nice tribute.

  2. Derek in CanadaJanuary 05, 2011

    I used your ink of Rafferty on my facebook site, giving you credit. I hope you don't mind...I thought it was great, and a wonderful tribute to Gerry. Thanks.

  3. That's awesome Derek! I'm flattered. You can look me up at

    Thanks for the compliment!

  4. Duncan in CanadaJanuary 06, 2011

    Brilliant Brandt. GR made his mark in music and earned a place in film history -- more than most of us aspiring singer/songwriter musicians, with as yet unrecognized talents, are likely to achieve...I heard he earned US125K per year on royalties from "Baker Street" alone....I could live on that!

  5. Wow! I'd be delighted with half of that Duncan. I'm in the wrong line of work! Thanks for the warm compliment about my portrait. Gerry's songs provide him with a life in spirit well beyond his years. Thankfully we get to enjoy the timeless beauty of his work.

  6. Great artwork
    My name is Bruce
    Gerry Raffertys music was the best
    Stuck In The Middle With You is my Favorite song
    I went to London to see him perform in 1993 & tried to met him but It was not to be Now I;'m really sad

  7. Glad you got to see him perform Bruce- I'm sure that was a real treat!


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