Thursday, May 16, 2013

little DEATHS Artists' Reception THIS Saturday!

For all my folk indigenous to dirty durdy TN/KY, I'd love to see you drop by No Egrets Art Gallery Saturday night here in Clarksville for Little Deaths- a three man exhibit including the artwork of myself, Jeff Bertrand and Wolfman Bennett. The festivities are curated by Smokin' Joe Melanson who has lent his time and expertise in exposing the oddities of Southern Pop Surrealism to the public eye!  We'll be on hand for some grab-assing, autograph signing, beer chugging mayhem (and so should you.)

There's no words I could lay down about our brand of art which could rival those of local reporter Karen Parr-Moody in her article at The Leaf-Chronicle recently.  Click HERE to read about the show and watch a VIDEO interview with Wolfie and Myself!!!  Karen has taken a very insightful interest into our work the past few years and shared what she takes away from our creations with her readers.  We've never received such wonderful praise for daring to be different... thanks gal!

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