Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Masquerade and Art Exhibit

Last night, Boheme Collectif in East Nashville hosted their Valentine's Masquerade curated by Joe Melanson.  The event featured live music, performances and of course art!  Aurora and I had a good time catching up with the art crowd and seeing all the colorful creations on display.  Here are some pics of the festivities...

Mai Harris's Zombie Masquerade Painting

Mr and Mrs Brice Hammer

Possible my own favorite work of art from the show, "Delores' Enduring Wait" by Lisa Stevens

Masks for Sale!

Mr Joe Melanson Live Streaming the Entire Event!

Chad Spann with his new photo on display

"Informed" by Brandy Nava

Myself with my old friend Jeff Bertrand

My stunning wife

"Mindsai" by Ricky Cavaness


My illustration "The Devil and Sarah Palin" (A transvestite Satan wearing a Sarah Palin mask masturbating with a rosary in a bed of flames with a Bible on her knee in front of the Washington Monument with a moosehead vibrator, assault rifle and the Pope waving hello) was hung next to "Airways Motel: Free Adult Movies!"

"Tart" by Cherilyn

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