Sunday, February 14, 2016


I got to spend some much-overdue quality time with my art family this weekend at WAY OUT WESTWORLD in Nashville!  Turnip Green Creative Reuse hosted this one-night group exhibit curated by Mr. Joe Melanson.  It was great to see so many local creatives together under one roof.  The exhibit was accompanied by some live music and a steady flow of eager eyes soaking up all the wild pop surrealist creations which fused western and cyborg themes!

For the exhibit, I displayed an older illustration from 2011 featuring a Cyborg Steve Jobs facing off with a Cyborg Bill Gates.  In addition, I created a new triptych inspired by The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...
(Inks on Bristol Board / 2016)

Wolfman Bennett crafted some awesome headgear from repurposed cardboard and painted them up- here myself and Chad Spann are having too much fun with playing Cowboys and Robots

Art by Anjeanette Illustration

Eat the Rich!!!

Robot Head by Wolfman Bennett

Abby passed out the sweetest Valentines...

...and displayed one of the sweetest works in the show!

Curator Joe Melanson Feelin' the Bern!

Billy the Kid head by Wolfman Bennett

Chad Spann's Cowboys come in Peace

Art by Chad Spann

Got to meet another new artist at the exhibit, Drew Camino!  I really loved this oil painting he displayed!

Wolfman Bennett - Fuck his Skeletor

Basquiat Cowboy by Wolfman Bennett

Art by Jeff Bertrand

Gunslinger Scrapper by Wolfman Bennett

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