Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rock Star Martyr: Bradley Nowell

inks on bristol / 2011
Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of the passing of a unique and talented musician in Bradley Nowell.   Like too many other musicians over the past 40 years, the frontman of Sublime succumbed to his own addictions with a heroin overdose at the age of 28.  Sublime's self-titled debut from any major label was released posthumously after Nowell's death and has become a staple of alternative music with it's unique blending of genres.

For my portrait, I included Brad's trusty companion, Lou Dog.  His dalmatian was a mascot of sorts for Sublime and would roam the stage as the band played.  Louie even got a few lines about himself written in a couple of the band's songs.  Of course, the poppies in the foreground with Lou are included as the element leading to the musician's fall.

Tomorrow, Joebot will commemorate Nowell with a new article on his site at Rock Star Martyr.  Be certain to swing by and lend your ear.  

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