Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cycloctopus (LIVE Painting Installation!)

Live Painting 11/03/2011
Joe Melanson has curated a couple of fantastic exhibits this year at No Egrets Tattoo Studio here in Clarksville.  The venue is great because it's an open warehouse adjacent to the shop and we pretty much have free reign to do whatever with the walls constructed inside.  Joe really put us to work this past week with his new project, The Installation Show.  Upping the ante with local artists, Joe asked us all to paint and decorate a portion of the walls to hang our work on.  This ONE-NIGHT Only Exhibit was held  Saturday, November 5th and featured several local talents!

Last Thursday morning, I got some devastating news about my dear friend Ryan passing away.  Ryan was one of my best friends and it shook me up as to call out of my day job with my boss, who was understanding.  After many phone calls and online communications with friends about what had happened, I realized I was also scheduled to paint my installation at No Egrets that evening.  I channeled my energy and went through with my plans to freestyle a gigantic octopus, who would hold up the panels I had recently mounted with watercolors and illustrations for the show.  It was the right decision seeing as what turned out was off the chain! Check it all out in this brand-spanking new time lapse video!  The installation took about 3 hours but you can ride along here in just 3 minutes...

Here's a slew of pictures of the process AND the ONE-NIGHT EXHIBIT!
Here's the panels after I spray painted backgrounds then mounted and sealed the works.

Chad Spann was nice enough to get a few shots of me while I painted.

Just about finished up....

Presto! A Cycloctopus!

Here's a couple of shots Joe got of ALL the installations and the OPENING...

Spannish Crucifix

Ricky Cavaness and yours truly laying it down

Nice pic Joe got of the FINAL display!

Here's some shots of Ricky's progress from start to finish...

Jeff Bertrand at work on his puking shriner...

Jay MEAN getting swirly with it...

A Day in the Life of Chad Spann...

Charles Bennett with his Happy Little Skulls

It's a real human skull from an archeological dig... true story.


Spann enjoying the refreshments...

Charlie isn't really that mean... his facial hair just makes him look that way.

My the time I get there, Spann has gone completely simian!


  1. Well done guys. Off the chain is right Brandt. You need to bring that octopus with you when you come down for Mardi Gras.

  2. Thanks home skillet. I'll bring my bag of goodies. You should scope me out a safe spot near one of Banksy's!


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