Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ghosts and Iguanas in The Mayan Ruins of El Rey in Cancun

For those of you recently exposed to the world of my art, you may not realize I don't really make art for a living but rather to fulfill a compulsion to create which was born within me.  I actually serve as Marketing Manager for Environmental Water Systems who distribute RainSoft Water Treatment Equipment.  Every other year, RainSoft throws a blowout International Convention for its employees and dealers. This year, I was fortunate enough to represent my department by traveling to Cancun and help collect our dealership's 18 regional and world-wide awards over the weekend!   We were given some free time on Saturday before our International Awards Banquet to bum on the beach and see the sites.  My buddy Cameron and I took the bus a few miles south of the hotel to see the Mayan Ruins of El Rey and the fearless iguanas who inhabit them.  Here are a slew of pictures I got of the Mayans' artistic architecture...
A NYC or Chicago cabbie has nothing on a Cancun bus driver... these are the city's roller coasters!
The mandatory tourist shot

El Rey Zona Arqueologica 

Cameron actually dwarfs the ruins at 6'7 above sea level.  Later that night, he took home a crystal trophy for being the #10 Inside Sales Rep in the ENTIRE WORLD!

This guy looks happy in his home.  The iguana population apparently thrives in the natural setting of this archaeological site after being driven from most of the peninsula due to the commercialization of the area over the past thirty years.

El Rey was named for a king, whose remains were uncovered from the site after its discovery.


El Rey was home to the Mayans for hundreds of years before being occupied by Spanish pirates.  Before being turned into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world over the past few decades, this paradise was a humble fishing village. 

(Left) View from our plane entering Cancun  (Right) View from our plane coming back over Florida 
 Did I make any art while I was gone?  If you know me, I have a knack for scribbling on hotel parchment so feel free to check out my Doodles Page to see!

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