Sunday, April 28, 2013


Wild storms passed overnight here in Tennessee flooding my hometown of Erin and soaking Clarksville thoroughly.  I awoke this morning to wild stories from the local area of damage and disaster brought about by the still-receding waters of the local rivers and streams.  The radar said we were clear here in the mid-state for the day despite heavy cloud cover, so The Wolfman and I took to the breaking sun for an impromptu painting session.  Our friends Joe and Amy were visiting from Memphis and Joe put his green thumbs to work under Wolfie's whip while we painted.  Working side-by-side we brought to life a hideous concoction of creatures on this new acrylic panel you see here!  I've also included a couple of shots of Joe's handiwork bringing life to some pepper and tomato plants in the Bennetts' back yard!  Stay tuned later this week for a new time-lapse video of the entire painting process which will also include some footage of the fastest dang 'mater plantin' you ever saw!

The day bore even more fruit in the form of some awesome gifts from Wolfie's wife, Kitty!  She brought home a whole bagful of Frank Kozik GOON SQUAD busts by kidrobot!  I got a black Kim Jong Il, a blue Lenin and a hot pink Castro!

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