Tuesday, May 20, 2014


He who controls the cash-flow controls the world?  For many a generation now, the conspiracy of the Illuminati has lingered in the shadows like a spook story for the working and lower classes.  The cult of the all-seeing eye watches over us and controls our every move like rats in a maze.  By distracting us with the consumption of cheap entertainment and even cheaper consumer goods, the evil oppressors keep us preoccupied as to not rise up against them.  Is the New World Order real (and what are their membership fees?)  Every last dollar my friend...

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  1. Thank You for all the vibrating colors. Its so refreshing that to go dark it is bad for art but being illuminating thats colorful! For the rest of it cut the shit you Illuminati schill sell and thanks for supporting the /.\ Di jaa Je Suis AL- Illuminati!


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