Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rose Period Ajna Chakra dOOdles

My doodling as of late went into a Rose Period where I've been doodling on colored paper with a plain blue gel pen.  These drawings serve as mind flexes- meditations really.  Usually while I'm tied up on the phone or between odd tasks throughout the day, I'll throw a few lines down on each miniature work of art (which usually takes course over one or two days.)  I always start with some loose and gestural pen strokes and then tighten up what I see from there, hatching and lining away here and there.  The few pieces of red paper I found to dissect have proven to be impossible to scan correctly for some reason.  Everything comes out in shades of magenta and fuchsia.  The paper in reality is a deep red. These two third eye dOOdles came about over the past few weeks...

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