Wednesday, June 1, 2016

TERRIBLE 2's Group Exhibit this Saturday in Nashville

This Saturday, 40AU Gallery will be hosting a group exhibit featuring 22 artists who will be presenting 2 works of art each for the TERRIBLE 2's group exhibit.  The themes come from Nashville artist Jeff Bertrand who is curating the event.  Through their artistic mediums, creators will be presenting their view of the world as a child and then their view of childhood as an adult.  I really had a lot of fun creating my own work for this show where I'll be showing two self portraits (one at 5 years old and one at 35)!  The exhibit will open during the First Saturday Art Crawl in Downtown Nashville this Saturday evening!  Artists will be on hand for the reception- see you there!

Poster design by Brandt Hardin (Jeff was kind enough to offer me an art swap to design a poster for the event! He's making me a flask with Darth Vader on it!)

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