Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lakeside at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park

Over the weekend, I took some of my gallery work to the annual Arts and Crafts Fair at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park.  I had a great weekend set up lakeside in the DREGstudios! tent and making new friends.  I sold artwork to a slew of awesome folks who were both local and vacationing at the resort for Memorial Day weekend!  Some great contacts also presented themselves and I networked with some potential clients and promoters.  I'm still learning and getting the momentum built up at festivals and art events so thanks to all the crafts vendors who gave me good practical advice for the future.  Here's some pics from the weekend including some shots of Kentucky Dam...

This was the great view from the sidewalk the arts vendors were set up on all weekend- not bad!

Mr. Lovin of Auxier Creek Forge gave some neat Blacksmithing demonstrations throughout the weekend! Hope I'm this badass at 70!

View from the top of Kentucky Dam... I'd only seen the dam from afar on the interstate passing though the area in the past.  I took the chance Saturday afternoon to get some pics and take the dime tour.

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