Monday, August 15, 2016


Kansas City Comic Con certainly had the largest Artist Alley of any event I've been to so far!  Over the weekend I was set up at the Kansas City Convention Center where I found some friendly faces and in doing so found some bright homes for my colorful creations.  I also got a lot of wonderful feedback and encouragement about my work from creators, guests and the fans.  Thanks to all the cool geeks who dropped by, gave my artwork audience and showed me love!  Sunday I took the opportunity to make some rounds and meet some of the other artists at the show.  I ended up doing a slew of art swaps and took home some cool swag myself! Here are some pics from my trip to the Midwest the past four days... it's the furthest I've driven West from home here in Tennessee and I'm still learning SO much more with each venture out to the conventions!

The DREGstudios Table!  (Well, the REGstudios! table until I fixed my sign...)

Live Drawing on Day 1

Bizarro Superman, Swamp Thing, Mr Fantastic and Visionary Spidey Drawings from Day 1

The classy dudes at Buster Props were my neighbors for the weekend. They had some great engagement with fans by holding their own Pokemon hunt for miniature 3d printed figures which they gave out! Thanks for lending a hand during setup guys!

Mr. Trail White was my other neighbor this weekend- he is Captain Cosplay!  I had fun watching him warm up masks and fit them to fans as they purchased them- I'm a novice to costumes so it was neat watching him create things on the spot during the show!

I really liked the Batman drawing this cosplayer created to place on her hammer!

Nicest guys you'll ever meet...

Gigantic Groot Outfit in the Cosplay area

Loved this Slimer in the vendor section... it got some great reactions from fans

Live painting by Armondo Ape Monoletti on the Main Stage

Loved the paintings by Ian Wood... nice to see traditional mediums in the Artist Alley!

Cool upcycled art by Jessica Fish Designs

This little guy from the Mid-Continent Public Library was fun

The Kansas City R2 Builders had an entire fleet of droids!

Zach Shields had some sweet paintings (and does some sweet tattoo work too I hear)

Ghost Rider and Batman drawings from Day 2 of the Convention

Jason and Freddy 

Enzo Garcia has some surreal delights in his Gutt Ghost comic!!!

I was more than eager to trade some of my prints for a couple of his books!

A family who cosplays together slays together

Wicked Slimer sculpture by Crunk Panda!

Make-up artist Jackie Butler's daughter played along all weekend in costume and her mom's makeup work!  The first two days she was a zombie but on Sunday she was Chucky!  It was a gas watching her stay in character as fans approached her! She liked my Beatles drawing so I sent her home with a print!

Gary Nap has some very neat 8-bit paintings he cuts and creates out of wood panels.  I had a geekgasm and had to take some home!  Lucky for me he liked my art so I traded some drawings with him!

8 Bit Nerd Art

A couple of drawings from Sunday- Night Owl and Two Face

A couple of more art swaps with Skirtsey and Brotherhood Props supplied me with gifts to bring home to the wife- thanks for digging my art enough for a trade guys!

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