Monday, August 1, 2016

Pictures from FandomFest in Louisville!

It was a tremendous experience this weekend at FandomFest in Louisville!  I'm still new to the comic con scene so everything is fresh and exciting.  I had a lot of fun meeting folks from all over the region and finding good homes for a bunch of my surreal artwork!  Thanks to all the artists who took the time to chat with me and give me advice- I'm still learning at each event and had to really hustle to make the weekend a success.  All the hard work paid off and I came home inspired to do much much more!  Here are some highlights from the weekend including some of my own favorite cosplayers who I had the chance to meet at the three day event!

Instagram ad I made for the event featuring my artwork! CLICK HERE to follow DREGstudios!

The DREGstudios! Table in the Artist Alley

Angel Medina was one of the featured Artists at FandomFest

My main man The Illestrator Kevlen Goodner

Nashville's own Joseph Kelley is killing it at the regional conventions! He's about to release his first comic at 9 years old!  Click HERE to follow him on Instagram!

Tim Thurmond is the Balloon Sculptor! Pretty neat stuff! 

Tim's Giant Pikachu balloon sculpture is also a cosplay outfit which was worn around the convention!

Atlanta's own Jason Flowers is a classy guy- I picked up one of his Nightmare Before Xmas prints to bring home to the wife.  He was nice enough to trade me for one of my new prints! Click HERE to check out more of his illustration work!

Live Thor Drawing from Day 1 of the Convention!

The am-az-ing Kim Jung Gi was one of the Guest Artists at FandomFest!  Friday evening when the crowd was thin, I got away from my table to stretch my legs a bit.  When I reached Gi's table, I caught a candid moment where he was in the middle of speaking with Stan Lee.  After listening in for a brief moment, I attempted to get a picture but was immediately waved away by security (guess I'm still working on learning some of the convention etiquette- lol.)  Pic or no pic, it was one of my favorite moments of the weekend.  I did go back by the artist's table later on to catch him drawing live- a true master!  Here's a pic from Gi's own Instagram showing the commission he did live at the show for the legendary Stan Lee! 

This X-Men group was a real crowd pleaser!

This guy kept trying to detain citizens all day

Replica of the Lost in Space robot

Get to the Choppa!

Steampunk on Wheels

Dark Phoenix!  I blacked out for a few moments afterwards... I'm not sure what she made me do

Rap Battle Spidey was a riot!  This guy is 100% high energy!

HULK was a monster!  This guy was like 8 ft tall!

Client from Memphis with her Furry drawing I did for her live at the show!

Oh no, there goes Tokyo

Very clever mashup by Joe Parrish!

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!  He now has a career running a Cosplay Magazine!

Ash was cutting through the crowd


Replica Batmobile

Client with her live drawing I created!
The Sorceress and She-Ra defending DREGstudios!

This bat is cooked!  My favorite cosplayer of the weekend!

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