Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pictures from Monster Mania

Monster Mania was a riot this past weekend in Hunt Valley, Maryland!  I got to drive up north and spend a week with my super-sibling, Dr. Hardin!  

On Thursday, I helped her facilitate a seminar at The Maryland Nonprofits Conference by doing a live 5 foot tall drawing!  By interacting with the audience, we created a visual diagram of their session which was later sent to them via email.  We'll be doing more of these collaborations in the future under the banner Visionary Inquiry (website coming soon!) 

After our first Visionary Inquiry, Becca kept me company at Monster Mania in Hunt Valley just north of Baltimore.  This three day Horror Convention featured Fright Night and A Nightmare on Elm Street reunion panels headed by Freddy Kreuger himself, Robert Englund!  My art got a warm and cozy reception amidst all the horror- thanks to all the fans and the event staff for an awesome weekend!  Here are some pics we both got from the show...

I have a new backdrop for my large prints!  I gave it a dry run in my sister's living room to make sure I was ready!  The stands came in the day before I left to drive up to Baltimore

New Table Setup

She said she made the necklace herself, I asked her who donated the ear for it

Chop Top!

He gave us a dissertation in Sin

I got in a couple of live drawings at the show...

Spawn live drawing 

Shazam and Willy Wonka cosplayers

Cute Couple

Customer with an Uncle Fester original drawing

Bloody horrorshow family cosplay!

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

My artwork was filmed for Monster Madhouse! 

Botanical Horses outside of our host hotel, Hunt Valley Inn

Freddy Deadpool Mashup!  

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