Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FEAR FETE in Biloxi

Aurora and I drove down to Biloxi last weekend for Fear Fete, a horror movie and gaming convention!  We really enjoyed having the weekend together on the Mississippi gulf coast but it was an adventure for sure.  We dove into the gulf after setting up at the Convention Center Friday afternoon only to find there was a water contact warning because of flesh eating bacteria in the water!   Fortunately, neither of us suffered any ill effects from dipping our toes into the murky black sands of Biloxi's waters!   
Thanks to the awesome fans who came out for the show and gave us some love and ordered live drawings!  Fear Fete is a new show here in the southeast and we'll look forward to seeing it grow in the coming years...

Garfield Commission Drawing a Client ordered as a gift for her Mother

Nightmare on Elm Street Live Drawing

Client with Zombie Hulk commissioned drawing!

Terrible pic of Zombie Hulk- wish I had a scan of this one!

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