Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#BlowUpTrump's TOP 10 GREATEST HITS!

Several weeks back, I illustrated The Donald as a suicide bomber in order to start a game via social media called Blow Up Trump!  The little guy was soon given his own Instagram account which survived not 24 hours before being reported into obscurity by less-than-amused supporters of the real Donald Trump.  I fought the good fight though and through the proper channels, got my little terrorist back online where he's wreaked havoc for the past six weeks or so!  Election Day has finally arrived today and I wanted to share with you #BlowUpTrump's 10 GREATEST HITS!  (As decided by the number of likes which they received on Instagram!  Click HERE to see the FULL STREAM of posts on his account!

10.  The Train Wreck

09.  The Merril-Lynch Bull on Wall Street

08.  Minimum Wage

07.  Inner Demons

06.  Saturday Night Live

05.  The second Presidential Debate

04. Marijuana Legalization

03.  The New York Stock Exchange

02. New York Times

01.  Canada

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