Monday, November 14, 2016

Not My President? Not My Values!

In the first week of President-Elect Trump here in America, there have been over 200 incidents of hate crimes recorded in our country (as reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center). As protests continue in most major cities under the banner of Not My President, racial and sexist tensions have grown to a fever pitch.  While the chant of "sore losers" goes on from the alt-right, the liberal-minded find ourselves dumbfounded by the lack of understanding amidst smug celebration.  The quiet underbelly of conservative values is the embodiment of centuries-old racism and sexism.  Not all Trump supporters condone or advocate the actions of folks birthed from this swamp.  However, they don't condemn them either, nor does their Lord and Savior of all which is white pride.  Trump's "win" has seemingly opened the door for many of his followers who feel they have "won" the right to not just be openly prejudice, sexist and xenophobic but to also channel this hatred into acts of violence and civil rights abuse.

(Pen and Marker Illustration over Digital Background / 2016)

Over the past week, many folks have adopted the Safety Pin movement, a means of quiet protest against against the backlash of white rage which is impacting innocent American citizens.  By wearing a safety pin, a person is making it known they stand with and are available to help minorities who fear public confrontation.  This includes the LGBT community, Minorities, and Muslim women in particular.  Before you wear your pin though, read up about the movement and how it helps.  This is a means of being silently vocal but also can lead to your own confrontations in the wrong environment.  Offer to help within your local community and make yourself available to publicly escort anyone who fears for their safety or has already has been verbally or physically assaulted.  While these incidents are unlikely considering the per capita rate of them, they do still happen and folks have been hurt.  It is our civic duty to stand up for those who can't stand for themselves.


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