Monday, October 18, 2010

[13] COUNTDOWN to HALLOWEEN: Zombie Walk of Fame

We're going to countdown to Halloween 2010 here at DREGstudios with a sneak peak at what's literally on the drawing table right now... ZOMBIE WALK OF FAME! I've done my preliminary sketches for 101 celebrities from the Hollywood Walk of Fame and dismembered, shot, gored, seared, and otherwise zombiefied each and every one of them for a book I plan on making next year.

Nooooow I have 101 zombies to outline and color and lose sleep over via zombie-inspired nightmares over the next few months. My long torturous road ahead does not however hinder you from enjoying my progress. I'm going to feature a zombie (or zombies) each day until the 31st! Now keep in mind, these are just my rough sketches. They'll be blown out with my colors very very soon...

[13] Every zombie has to start somewhere right? I mean you don't just get fame and fortune and everything that goes over night. Your first sampling of the sketches from my new series tonight involve celebrities whom started their film career in some of the most classic horror movies of our time.

Kevin Bacon is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood today (hence the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon). His first motion picture role was in 1980 in the original Friday the 13th.

Before hit records, Grease, and Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta started his film career with two cult horror classics. The first was a small part in The Devil's Rain, a movie based around William Shatner's character who's family fall victim to a group of local satanist's who have the ability to literally melt people via the power of their dark underlord. Travolta's second feature film was the film adaptation of Stephen King's very first novel, Carrie for which Sissy Spacek was nominated for an Academy Award for her lead performance.

Johnny Depp is one of Hollywood's titans and highest paid stars. He landed his first acting role in Wes Craven's original A Nightmare on Elm Street. He went to the casting call at the suggestion of a friend, as Depp's original intentions for his career were geared more toward his music. The movie became a staple in horror cinema and Depp became the cultural icon he is today.

The Zombie Walk of Fame continues tomorrow as we count down to Halloween

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